Kasha-Fish Dinnertime

======================================================================================================= A Kasha-Fish Dinnertime is a wonderful event pleasing to the eyes with its rainbow of color and a real pleasure in the tummy. This dish is nutritious also because it has fish, Kasha, and lots of cooked veggies too. This is my contribution for this week's WP photo challenge contest, "DINNERTIME".

Rabotnik Muffins Treat

==================================================================================================== One rabotnik muffin is a real treat, perfect anytime to enjoy with good cup of coffee then again, don't limit yourself to just one because these are delicious. I took this picture of a batch of muffins I had just baked awhile back and named them "rabotnik muffins" because these particular muffins have a … Continue reading Rabotnik Muffins Treat

Saint Patrick’s Day Cupcake

==================================================================== My Saint Patrick's Day Cupcake is not something I created instead, somebody else baked this delightful, colorful, cupcake. It was as yummy as it looks and I confess that I ate it all with a nice cup of great coffee. It suddenly appeared on my table along with the coffee perhaps delivered by one … Continue reading Saint Patrick’s Day Cupcake

Banana Raisin Light loaf

 After gorging yourself on turkey and accompanying assortment of wonderful Christmas goodies our Banana Raisin Light Loaf is just the perfect thing with a nice cup of coffee or tea. This incredibly delicious banana loaf is so light it very easy on the tummy and that one slice is never enough.Ingredients:3 bananas (ripe)1/2 cup Canola … Continue reading Banana Raisin Light loaf

Blueberry-Gooseberry-Coconut Cake

Our blueberry-gooseberry coconut cake has a wonderful full body yet delicate texture with a nice spring to it when pressed with your fork. It is delicious, overwhelming your taste buds with its unique tanginess ensuring that that first piece is never enough. Combined with fresh cup of coffee and you are are on cloud nine, … Continue reading Blueberry-Gooseberry-Coconut Cake

Twelve Grain Poppyseed Bread

Our twelve grain poppyseed bread has a delightful aroma, a wonderful texture, and taste. It is much ameliorated with a pat of fresh butter or margarine. Adding a bit of your favorite jam or marmalade makes for an incredible experience which you will want to repeat. You can also enjoy it with some cream cheese … Continue reading Twelve Grain Poppyseed Bread

Marvelous Eggplant

Eggplant has been made marvelous by people in many wonderful and different ways and all are delicious however, I think my version is unique and now I would like to share it with you. By-the-way, pictured is what my marvelous eggplant dinner looks like. Enjoy! Ingredients:  1 large onion  1 can (680 ml) … Continue reading Marvelous Eggplant