Cryogenic Shock

======================================================================================================== Cryogenic shock occurs from intense, bitter, cold coupled with "tons" of winter storms snow helping create and maintain world largest, most sophisticated refrigeration unit. Our mind numbing experience makes us realize how delicate we are in our hostile, quickly changing, environment. Since the end of last month until only a few days ago we … Continue reading Cryogenic Shock

Outdoor Silence

========================================================================================================= An outdoor silence pervades in Centennial Park near frozen man-made lake, Canadian winter has set in with its intense cold and snow covering everything except for tall browned grasses and those dark-colored defoliated trees, nothing stirs. In summer, this park is alive with fresh new green vegetation, birds flying, singing, gathering material and building … Continue reading Outdoor Silence

Static Snow Debris

======================================================================================================== One bit of static snow debris lies orphaned in bright afternoon sun separated from huge mountains built up by maintenance department crew trying to clear way for parking space next to city hall. This year our hard winter seems to have plenty of the white stuff dumping loads of it at prescribed intervals divided … Continue reading Static Snow Debris

Half Light Strangers

======================================================================================================= In the half light three strangers seem to have the same idea, heading towards the warmth of community center on a chilly February evening as sun goes down. I took this picture a couple of years ago attempting to capture the essence of this sundown that followed a very beautiful sunny however, cold winter … Continue reading Half Light Strangers

Icicle Seasons

======================================================================================================= Winter icicle seasons happen from freeze up followed by thaw, and then more frost, and this happens every year because of the countless snow storms bringing snow, rain, and freezing rain in various combinations and permutations. My picture is a record of the latest combination of snow followed by rain and freezing rain coating … Continue reading Icicle Seasons

After Hard Work It’s Time For 2016

===================================================================================================== After Hard Work It's Time For 2016 now that winter has come to stay for the next while. Just last week, we were basking in +17 degrees Centigrade and some were even playing on the golf courses while others were starting to wear shorts and short sleeve t-shirts all this changed over last weekend. … Continue reading After Hard Work It’s Time For 2016

Big Bug Grid

===================================================================== The big bug grid is just a large black beetle that landed on my black plastic window screen, a sort of grid, one day earlier this month. The Fall brings all sort of insects we don't normally see the rest of the year, that are preparing to find some place to hibernate for the … Continue reading Big Bug Grid

Springtime Conjure

===================================================================== Springtime has finally arrived after an extremely cold Winter permitting our minds to conjure up hope for a warm, sunny Summer full of fun and excitement. After all that Winter we expect nothing more. As I look outside, it is a sunny day however, it's still minus three Celsius and with that breeze blowing … Continue reading Springtime Conjure

More Depth

The Superbowl is now history, many sports fans desiring more depth for their entertainment don't have to look far for their adrenalin rush because salvation is as close as their own municipal park. In the depth of our harsh Winter there is a lot of fun available¬†to anybody that wants to enjoy themselves on a … Continue reading More Depth

March 4 Chicken Soup

During this Winter's final cold days our delicious March 4 Chicken Soup ¬†helps ease our transition into glorious Spring just around the corner. Although chicken soup has been a favorite comfort food for many ever since we discovered chickens, and there are thousands, perhaps millions, of recipes or versions of this wonderful broth we think … Continue reading March 4 Chicken Soup