Faceless Jazz Fan

  Nobody knows who those faceless figures like this man are, who appear as a simple looking Jazz fan, or why they sometimes turn up at high-profile events. Fortunately, they can be deciphered despite their clever attempts at disguising self, looking ordinary, blending and mingling in mixed crowd of international tourists and locals. Marriam-Webster definitions … Continue reading Faceless Jazz Fan

Musical Transient Troupe

======================================================================================================= Each day at 5 PM musical transient troupe West Trainz would travel their special route making several brief, fleeting, stops along the way to entertain locals and visitors flocking downtown for the annual Montreal International Jazz Festival. This seasoned, profession, troupe of musicians traveled on their special golf cart powered "train" pulling five small … Continue reading Musical Transient Troupe

Awake Screaming No.9

=================================================================== "I awake screaming No. 9" sang the West Trainz troupe guitarist at the 2015 Montreal Jazz Festival their "train" parked by the large TD stage. Well there were a lot more words to their song in fact, they probably were a bit different however, I thought that those words would be pretty good for … Continue reading Awake Screaming No.9

Jump Train

===================================================================== "Jump Train" yelled Montreal Jazz Festival's West Trainz troupe during their act to hundreds of fans enjoying their music. The Fest was in full swing Monday with lots of great music of all types emanating from all over the site however, the West Trainz troupe were not tied down to a single place. True … Continue reading Jump Train