Radiant Duo

  Very bright warm sunshine reflecting off their smiling faces contributed to making these two a radiant duo while performing on stage during recent Montreal West Island Blues Festival. Following the fantastic performance Riot & The Blues Devils with Dwane Dixon put on earlier the Brian Greenway's Blues Bus weren't gonna be beat as they … Continue reading Radiant Duo

Controlled Laughter

  Controlled laughter between two members of Montreal Police force and founding member of West Island Blues Festival seems evident. This picture taken mid-June 2015 shows Montreal Police members still wearing their famous red baseball hats, camouflage pants, and bulletproof vests with labor negotiation protest stickers plastered on them. Dollard-des-Ormeaux councillor, Erroll Johnson, one of … Continue reading Controlled Laughter

Festival Fans Congregate

West Island Blues Festival fans congregate near stage set across from Dollard-des-Ormeaux city hall anxiously anticipating next musical act with well-known singer Michelle Sweeney. The scene is on a sunny warm afternoon early June 2016 in Ed Janiszewski Park south of and directly across the street from the city's administrative offices. The West Island Blues … Continue reading Festival Fans Congregate

Childhood Dancing Experience

================================================================================================= During annual West Island Blues Festival mother participates in childhood dancing experience with her two preteens enjoying the music being played. While others watch and listen to performers on stage this young mother has a wonderful time holding hands with her little boy and girl dancing to the music. They were not the only … Continue reading Childhood Dancing Experience

Out-of-Bottle Experience

======================================================================================================= A refreshing out-of-bottle experience is having a cold Molson brewski, on a hot, muggy, Saturday afternoon sitting on aluminum bench listening to great music at annual West Island Blues Festival. "A picture is worth a thousand words" goes the overused yet true statement and you only can only imagine yourself sitting there enjoying the … Continue reading Out-of-Bottle Experience

Beer Deprived

======================================================================= The beer deprived have strange things happening to their minds sitting under hot summer sun all corrected by that cool brewski and the brand doesn't matter. The scene is the 13th edition of the West Island Blues Festival and the great Michelle Sweeney has yet to make it on stage meanwhile, the band is busy … Continue reading Beer Deprived

Summer Music Fest

===================================================================================================== This summer music fest, the West Island Blues Festival, on a perfect Saturday, June 18, 2016 delighted hundreds of Blues fans attending it I happened to install myself just behind this couple far enough back from the huge speakers positioned at both sides of the stage complimenting smaller ones on the stage. Music shows … Continue reading Summer Music Fest