Waiting In Ambush

================================================================================================= Waiting in ambush armed with his MP-40 machine pistol WW2 German paratrooper is ready to gun down any enemy soldiers that come into view. The scene is probably somewhere in Italy perhaps, near Monte Cassino,  where the Allies had fierce battles with all branches of the Hitler's Nazi armed forces in the famous monastery … Continue reading Waiting In Ambush

Lonely Waiting

===================================================================================================== A lonely, waiting, little, wild apple hung from its tree near the road not very far from where once stood an old farmhouse and a huge hay barn. It was one of three apples still hanging on that tree after the first frosts and winds of autumn, the rest of the tree's little apples … Continue reading Lonely Waiting

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone But Not Forgotten

This challenge about what is "gone but not forgotten" immediately brought back memories about my canine friends in particular, the last two. Both these lads were wonderful companions whom I enjoyed having around and who gave me much joy and some mild grief because of their antics. Reminiscing, I would like to talk about my … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone But Not Forgotten

Weekly Writing Challenge: Collecting Detail

Collecting detail is something few of us consciously do however, our minds do collect it without us realizing this because after all we also have a subconscious. In this story here I really did try to remember what went on around me that day. On a beautiful sunny day in minus 32 C with the … Continue reading Weekly Writing Challenge: Collecting Detail