Authentic Hand Crafted Jewelry

  Authentic hand crafted fine silver wire jewelry on display in at Montreal's West Island borough of Pointe Claire art gallery shows the hard work and creative talent of the artisan or artisans responsible. These delicate designs of fine silver coupled with semi-precious stone or ceramics entailed very creative abilities by the skilled entrepreneur resulting … Continue reading Authentic Hand Crafted Jewelry

Dutch Culture

===================================================================================================== Dutch culture is very evident in this picture depicting selected architectural icons of related to the city of Amsterdam and the Netherlands. It is also a part of her ethnic background and featured now in her "Storyscapes" Solo Exhibit. This mostly black and white photography collage composition employing acrylic paints is one of the … Continue reading Dutch Culture

Viva Vida Velo

======================================================================================================= The Viva Vida Velo perched on top of display case surrounded by other fine art waiting for somebodyto notice it and I did. It was about two years ago when I visited the Viva Vida Art Gallery located in the Pte. Claire village on Montreal's West Island for the first time for a small … Continue reading Viva Vida Velo