Strike Three

=================================================================== Ever since it was invented America's most favorite fans sport is still probably baseball, and everybody knows that it's strike three when the umpire yells "yer out!" after a batter swings and fails hitting the ball after three attempts. During the earlier part of the twentieth century during WW2, Imperial Japan, launched a sneak … Continue reading Strike Three

Helsinki Summit Opinion

  Approached on street tonight in major American city and when asked for his Helsinki Summit opinion here is what one very cooperative citizen had to say..(depicted) Donald Trump raised eyebrows when he first suggested the Helsinki Summit, something that gave absolutely no real advantage or merit to happen whatsoever, to the USA and its allies and was … Continue reading Helsinki Summit Opinion

Banned Secret Evil

======================================================================================================= A banned secret evil exists in Washington and has done everything possible to continue its work messing with American decency and morality meanwhile bringing country to brink of economic collapse. This situation like everything else in this physical world it all will end. When that happens largely depends on how Americans cast their vote, … Continue reading Banned Secret Evil

Forbidden Music

======================================================================= This forbidden music propelled Jerry Lee Lewis to fame in front of huge excited crowds yearning for rock and roll which was then labelled as the devil's music by many US religious leaders. Deemed decadent, morally wrong because it was different, originated from black African music, and already in vogue with many in the … Continue reading Forbidden Music


======================================================================= Bob Hope or Leslie Townes Hope was a fascinating American born in London, England in 1903 and came to the USA with his family  when only four years old and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. During his long 100 year life, he was a comedian, vaudeville performer, actor, singer, dancer, athlete, and author. With … Continue reading Hope

Past Summers Recall

======================================================================= Past summers recall is about some of the Canada Day entertainment I saw in Montreal's West Island, and just like the USA's 4th of July everything ends with a bang or bangs of fireworks going off. Although this video is short nevertheless, it is four and half minutes so enjoy the show while nature … Continue reading Past Summers Recall

Xtraterrestrial Imposter

================================================ The Xtraterrestrial Imposter masqueraded as US president with ease because of thousands of years of visiting Earth studying humans. The alien being likened his masquerade to a chameleon in his pursuit of both his personal safety, attaining material wealth, and attacking his prey if needed. He knew that if he is invisible, camouflaged, appearing … Continue reading Xtraterrestrial Imposter