Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

Dialogue or conversation with another is as old as mankind certainly here on Earth perhaps, going back to the Garden of Eden, when the Almighty created everything. As we all know an exchange between God and humans was followed by another of counter opinions by the serpent and the humans and the rest is history. … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

March 4 Chicken Soup

During this Winter's final cold days our delicious March 4 Chicken Soup  helps ease our transition into glorious Spring just around the corner. Although chicken soup has been a favorite comfort food for many ever since we discovered chickens, and there are thousands, perhaps millions, of recipes or versions of this wonderful broth we think … Continue reading March 4 Chicken Soup

Blueberry-Gooseberry-Coconut Cake

Our blueberry-gooseberry coconut cake has a wonderful full body yet delicate texture with a nice spring to it when pressed with your fork. It is delicious, overwhelming your taste buds with its unique tanginess ensuring that that first piece is never enough. Combined with fresh cup of coffee and you are are on cloud nine, … Continue reading Blueberry-Gooseberry-Coconut Cake

Banana-Strawberry Pancakes Eugenio

Our unique banana-strawberry pancakes Eugenio come alive when garnished with natural plain yogurt and our exclusive tangy sweet black plum-gooseberry jam. You can also enjoy our pancakes with traditional maple syrup or other syrups, and other jams would probably work well too. Ingredients 1 cup all purpose flour 1/4 cup whole wheat flour 1/4 cup buckwheat flour … Continue reading Banana-Strawberry Pancakes Eugenio