Evil Empire Slayer

===================================================================== Ronald Reagan,'evil empire slayer', proposed his Strategic Defense Initiative or 'Star Wars' on March 23, 1983. The president proposed USA develop new superior technology to intercept enemy missiles as an alternative to the existing MAD (mutually agreed destruction) doctrine that had been US defacto strategy. In his address to Americans, Reagan said "I call … Continue reading Evil Empire Slayer

Ham Smorgasbord Eugenio Ultimate

Sometimes you just don't want to go out shopping for extra food ingredients, our Ham Smorgasbord Eugenio Ultimate, is just the thing to make. This fabulous, gourmet frugal, meal is both nutritious yet relatively inexpensive to make and you can whipped it up in short time. It may also become your favorite "comfort food"! Ingredients: … Continue reading Ham Smorgasbord Eugenio Ultimate