Shiny Treasure

==================================================================================================== The tree branches glistened like strings of shiny treasure in the bright morning sun after a bath of freezing rain from the night before. The thin coating of frozen rain water covering some of the branches was certainly a dazzler the way the sun's rays were bouncing off them however, it wasn't going to … Continue reading Shiny Treasure

Graffiti Wall Saved

==================================================================== Perhaps a leprechaun noticed that touch of green and saved this excellent graffiti wall art or what is left of it heck, Saint Patrick's day was quickly approaching and...well who knows? I took this picture several weeks ago during the time I took pictures for my short video called "Montreal en Lumiere Festival". It … Continue reading Graffiti Wall Saved

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

Love is in the air because today is after all, the treasured Saint Valentine's day. This fact certainly migitates this week's theme influencing many into showing pictures of loved ones or something related to love as their treasure. I could have followed the herd however, our theme is "TREASURE" and instead, because presently the Sochi … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure