Seasonal Transformation

================================================================================================= Seasonal transformation is evident by mostly grey somber look and tons of fallen brown shriveled leaves littering the ground shown in this forest scene it happens every year. Fortunately in this forest green moss still covers exposed rocks and the bases of some trees giving an interesting contrast to this hardwood forest scene. The … Continue reading Seasonal Transformation

Natural Transformation

===================================================================================================== Natural transformation already in progress shown in this image, dead leaves from forest trees biodegrading into rich black soil. Also seen are dead twigs, a few freshly fallen leaves still retaining their color, and tiny white mushrooms nestled in the midst of it all. Those tiny mushrooms aid the natural decomposition by feeding on … Continue reading Natural Transformation

Perfect Evening Crepes

=================================================================== Making perfect evening crepes that is what this young chef appears to be doing then again, I am just guessing because after all the eatery isĀ oriental and I have no knowledge aboutĀ this restaurant or its food. A couple weeks ago while walking along Saint Catherine street heading west I happened on this scene and … Continue reading Perfect Evening Crepes

Graffiti Wall Saved

==================================================================== Perhaps a leprechaun noticed that touch of green and saved this excellent graffiti wall art or what is left of it heck, Saint Patrick's day was quickly approaching and...well who knows? I took this picture several weeks ago during the time I took pictures for my short video called "Montreal en Lumiere Festival". It … Continue reading Graffiti Wall Saved