Final Phase

======================================================================================================= The final phase is evident because most of heavy glass window panes are already installed on the high-rise. This big blue-black towering monolith located across from the Bell Forum in downtown Montreal being completed rapidly judging by how fast the building went up and how much still needs completion certainly qualifies. Ever since I … Continue reading Final Phase

Runs On Steam

==================================================================== It runs on steam explained the mini steam roller owner-builder to four interested visitor attending the annual farmers' antique farm equipment exposition. The event held just outside the greater Toronto municipal territory attracts a multitude of people interested in antiques, old farm equipment, and even hand-built projects like this mini-steamer. There is also a … Continue reading Runs On Steam

Weekly Writing Challenge: Collecting Detail

Collecting detail is something few of us consciously do however, our minds do collect it without us realizing this because after all we also have a subconscious. In this story here I really did try to remember what went on around me that day. On a beautiful sunny day in minus 32 C with the … Continue reading Weekly Writing Challenge: Collecting Detail