SewageGate Boss Coderre

===================================================================== Sewagegate Boss Coderre, alias mayor of Montreal, accused the Conservatives of "playing politics" to score cheap points. Coderre took a swipe at the his enemies saying "at the end of the Conservative regime, it's the first time they write a letter and use the word scientific." He insisted that he received scientific advise backing … Continue reading SewageGate Boss Coderre

Thomas Mon Amour

==================================================================== "Thomas, mon amour" said Justin Trudeau excitedly to Thomas Mulcair at the Montreal gay parade meanwhile, Duceppe listened and eyed them. All three were attending the gay parade fortunately they were away from the ever-present media. We managed to spot the pair and their chaperone as they walked along Rene Levesque boulevard, capturing it … Continue reading Thomas Mon Amour

Career Politician

============================================== A Career Politician is somebody interested in political power promising citizens anything to win it. Once they have their membership in government secured they continue providing a façade designed to convince their electorate that they are doing everything to keep their promises. Of course not all of them just the ones that they judge … Continue reading Career Politician