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Temporary Guest

Our temporary guest is one tough dude you don’t mess with particularly when his normal routine is interrupted, my picture sums up his mood.

Our temporary guest has made our last two weeks interesting because he is one tough dude you don’t mess with especially when he wants something.

My picture sums up his mood, which doesn’t seem too friendly particularly when his normal routine was recently interrupted when his owner left for a business trip to Europe.

His mug shot clearly shows, he can quite aggressive when he desires something and it is not delivered when he wants it.

To prove this point, he uses his vast library of vocal sounds in the middle of the night for maximum effect on our sleep having awaken me up from dead sleep several times already.

Meanwhile, during the day he transforms into the most sweetest pussy cat you can imagine mimicking that famous novel about “Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde”.

Perhaps, it is his insecurity that drives him to do his foul deeds or maybe it is his revenge on humans for putting him through his ordeal away from his usual locale and routine, I don’t know.

Despite everything both we and our furry black and white guest are starting to adjust to each other and this is becoming evident as “Mister Hyde” seems to have toned down a bit allowing more restful nights.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”TEMPORARY”.

Temporary Immersible

Temporary immersible car was a submerged obstacle in dirty, polluted waters of Pierrefonds boulevard "lake" as area flooded.

Temporary immersible car a  submerged obstacle in dirty, polluted waters of Pierrefonds boulevard “lake” formed from flood waters of Montreal’s back river, Rivière-des-Prairies.

Until recently this temporary immersible car was a submerged obstacle in the dirty, polluted waters of the Pierrefonds boulevard “lake” part of the Rivière-des-Prairies, the overflowing back river branch of the mighty Saint Lawrence river that straddles the Island of Montreal.

Apparently, this car was abandoned when quick rising river water flooded this area, probably because it stalled before the owner could make it onto the curb, which also ended up under the water.

I took this picture this afternoon after walking for about half hour from Sources boulevard, a main road running north-south located considerably east of this scene past that distant police car on the far left and which is higher ground.

The good news is, in this part of Pierrefonds boulevard, water has receded a lot compared to last Sunday when water covered the road up to where that other distant police car is parked, at the traffic lights, blocking any unauthorized vehicles heading towards this still flooded area.

Additionally, I also noticed municipal work crews running gas-powered, heavy-duty, industrial pumps draining water from people’s backyards onto the boulevard, where it emptied into the sewer system that seems to still function despite the lake at this end.

As I walked back towards Sources boulevard I overheard people, some depicted in this picture, excitedly talking about when they would throw a party in gratitude for all the help they gave each other as neighbors during this disaster encouraging one another for what awaits them next after this is all over.

As of this post Montreal still remains under a state of emergency that is expected to last perhaps, for weeks meanwhile, a similar status exists in other parts of the province of Quebec, where things according to news reports, are really dire in some places.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”Temporary”.