Synchronize MarioKar Laps

========================================================================================================= The arcade seems to synchronize MarioKar laps because each  young driver appears to have an identical lime-green color "Lap1/2" in top left-hand corner of their display screen. Although each display screen has markedly different icons on it with instantaneous, rapid-action scenes happening constantly, they all have in common that large "Lap1/2". It probably means … Continue reading Synchronize MarioKar Laps

Ultimate Survival

======================================================================================================= A company's ultimate survival today depends a lot on having the right IT with latest software solutions. This ensures that should something go wrong then operations recovery is almost instantaneous preventing a costly shutdown that would create a real crimp to the bottom line. While attending the recent 2016 SME Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show … Continue reading Ultimate Survival

Under Ceaseless Scrutiny

=============================================== Under Ceaseless Scrutiny everyday our 'free' world is less secure today than fifty years ago in fact, more crime happens now than ever before despite advances in electronics and technology yet big government and big business together claim otherwise. In the 1930s the world had two main ruthless, ideological dictators opposing each other, Adolph … Continue reading Under Ceaseless Scrutiny