Tea Time On Hill

========================================================================================================= Tea time on Parliament Hill is a time-honored tradition almost two centuries old and you are welcome by the ladies when in Ottawa, so please drop by. Depicted is bronze statue of one of the ladies (Henrietta Muir Edwards), who through intelligent hard work, perseverance, persistence, and peaceful, subtle feminist methods of coercion finally … Continue reading Tea Time On Hill

Banana-Strawberry Pancakes Eugenio

Our unique banana-strawberry pancakes Eugenio come alive when garnished with natural plain yogurt and our exclusive tangy sweet black plum-gooseberry jam. You can also enjoy our pancakes with traditional maple syrup or other syrups, and other jams would probably work well too. Ingredients 1 cup all purpose flour 1/4 cup whole wheat flour 1/4 cup buckwheat flour … Continue reading Banana-Strawberry Pancakes Eugenio

Almond Encrusted Sponge Cake

Our almond encrusted sponge cake is moist with a delicate texture that has a nice spring to it when pressed with your fork. It tastes delicious however it does not overwhelm your taste buds with its sweetness nevertheless, you will want more than one piece. It is lovely with your coffee, tea, or  simply as … Continue reading Almond Encrusted Sponge Cake