His early life experiences while wondering the neighborhood dictated why Mooshie cat was inchoate always checking things out before making his ultimate decision whether to flee or stay. As my picture depicts him looking down our staircase towards the front door our former cat was always on guard checking who was coming through the … Continue reading Inchoate

Liquid Refreshment

  Liquid refreshment is always in demand at events or venues during long hot summer that is if you are fortunate having some nice weather in these times of climate change. Assuming odds are in our favor scenes like this one will happen and what is better than clean, pure, ice-cold bottle of water, the … Continue reading Liquid Refreshment

Wicked Wind

=================================================================== A wicked wind causes a severe hardship and havoc during the dirty thirties to ordinary hard-working Americans trying desperately to survive. The video shows the 1930's rancher and family members caught up in a severe dust storm caused by high winds whose sand/dust covers all. Meanwhile, elsewhere this same wind rustles forest tree leaves  and then … Continue reading Wicked Wind

Ultimate Survival

======================================================================================================= A company's ultimate survival today depends a lot on having the right IT with latest software solutions. This ensures that should something go wrong then operations recovery is almost instantaneous preventing a costly shutdown that would create a real crimp to the bottom line. While attending the recent 2016 SME Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show … Continue reading Ultimate Survival