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Almost Cat Food

Fluttering bird is almost cat food evading classy brown striped cat's swift paw with sharp, deadly nails.

Sparrow is almost cat food while evading brown striped tabby with blue eyes and blue butterfly necktie that flashes
 swift paw and claw armed with deadly, sharp, needle-like, nails.

Sparrow is almost cat food as it evades tabby with blue butterfly necktie armed with swift paw and claw full of sharp, deadly, needle-like nails.

The huge street art mural adoring a Western Union store’s outer wall depicts the action that also includes giant flowers and petal pieces, a young boy whistling something , a man’s face, and large oriental perhaps, Chinese alphabet characters.

This financial establishment is on a 90 degree corner,  half on Saint Catherine running east-west while the other half  is a small street running north-south where the art work is.

About February 2015, when I was heading west walking towards Atwater Avenue along Saint Catherine street  I spotted this very interesting mural and took this picture.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”ALMOST”.

Natty Baseball Mural

Natty baseball related mural decorates south side Saint Catherine building backwall east of Saint Laurence boulevard in Montreal.

Natty baseball related mural decorates building back-wall on Saint Catherine south side several blocks east of Saint Laurence boulevard one of three different ones on three buildings’ back-walls

The natty baseball related mural decorates a back-wall of a building on south side of Saint Catherine several blocks east of Saint Laurence boulevard and is just one of several street art works enveloping a parking lot.

The fair size parking space surrounded on three sides with more very interesting street art work by three different “arteestas” each with their own design style depicting renderings of their own creative minds on three different buildings’ back-walls.

As my picture shows other less talented individuals have added their graffiti “tags” to a nearby metal post and its orange-colored cement base fortunately the mural was not touched.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”NATTY”.

Graffiti Covered Brick

Graffiti covered brick walls indicate urban and societal decline.

Graffiti covered brick walls found all over Montreal indicate societal decay.

Graffiti covered brick walls are found all over Montreal and are a sign of urban deterioration and society’s moral and spiritual decay.

This particular collection of “street art” is found a few blocks just east of the old Montreal Forum located at the junction of Atwater boulevard and Saint Catherine street, in a back alley.

This is also where I found my yellow “Tweety” bird doll hanging over a doorway.

I took this picture back in March while I was investigating some construction work on a condominium tower being built just down the alley looking east(right side of picture).

Although most of the ” street art” is illegal or criminal done without property owner’s permission and is just an irrational or insane spray paint “tagging” some actually merits real consideration as art.

Recently Montreal city hall to combat the visual threat posed by illegal street art and encourage quality mural form art that adds to beautifying the cityscape, is investing tax money into decorating its brick walls.

This year just as the last three previous years a two-week Mural Festival that invites locals as well as artists from across the globe to practice their talents in alleyways around Saint Lawrence boulevard (The Main) it is also the 20th anniversary of Under Pressure Festival, an urban art event.

The city also spends upwards 4 million dollars each year to clean up Tags, burners, throw-ups, murals, stencils, and wheat pastes, types of visual blight referred as “guerilla urban art” found all over the place Graffiti undermining the public’s sense of security.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”BRICK”.

Graffiti Abused Tweety

A graffiti abused Tweety on plastic line near open backdoor in back alley.

A graffiti abused Tweety hung on plastic line next to an open backdoor in the back alley.

A graffiti abused Tweety hung on a thin plastic line near some building’s open backdoor passageway lost in that back alley not far from where they were building a massive condo-commercial office high-rise.

I had gone into this alleyway after photographing the progress at the adjacent highrise building site and found a whole mess of graffiti there and my Tweety just hanging there.

After looking around and photographing some of the “street art” I took this picture of the famous yellow bird however, I never did see that ‘bad puddy tat’ Sylvester anywhere around!

One Love or Maybe Two


One love or maybe two..or even three good-looking young women entertainers performing love songs.

After examining this week’s WP photo challenge I decided to do a video instead of simply a photograph
of some graffiti with the words “One Love”.

Finding that sort of “street art” entails too much of an effort because Montreal is a big city with a
lot of graffiti in certain places however,  I have yet to find “love” or “one love”  painted anywhere.

What I created is a compilation of three good-looking young entertainers performing songs centering on
love, I hope you like it.

This is my contribution for this week’s WP photo challenge “One Love”.