Twisted Letters and Things

Twisted letters and many other interesting street art (graffiti) things are depicted on building wall of small side street cornering Saint Catherine street east in Montreal. A smorgasborg of different images make up this very colorful mural including a blond "princess", "Deathmobile" hot rod sporting "blower" on its hood, burning "Death Head" banner over its … Continue reading Twisted Letters and Things

Almost Cat Food

========================================================================================================= Sparrow is almost cat food as it evades tabby with blue butterfly necktie armed with swift paw and claw full of sharp, deadly, needle-like nails. The huge street art mural adoring a Western Union store's outer wall depicts the action that also includes giant flowers and petal pieces, a young boy whistling something , … Continue reading Almost Cat Food

Natty Baseball Mural

======================================================================================================= The natty baseball related mural decorates a back-wall of a building on south side of Saint Catherine several blocks east of Saint Laurence boulevard and is just one of several street art works enveloping a parking lot. The fair size parking space surrounded on three sides with more very interesting street art work by … Continue reading Natty Baseball Mural

Graffiti Covered Brick

===================================================================================================== Graffiti covered brick walls are found all over Montreal and are a sign of urban deterioration and society's moral and spiritual decay. This particular collection of "street art" is found a few blocks just east of the old Montreal Forum located at the junction of Atwater boulevard and Saint Catherine street, in a back … Continue reading Graffiti Covered Brick

Graffiti Abused Tweety

======================================================================================================= A graffiti abused Tweety hung on a thin plastic line near some building's open backdoor passageway¬†lost in that back alley not far from where they were building a massive condo-commercial office high-rise. I had gone into this alleyway after photographing the progress at the adjacent highrise building site and found a whole mess of … Continue reading Graffiti Abused Tweety

One Love or Maybe Two

======================================================================= One love or maybe two..or even three good-looking young women entertainers performing love songs. After examining this week's WP photo challenge I decided to do a video instead of simply a photographof some graffiti with the words "One Love". Finding that sort of "street art" entails too much of an effort because Montreal is … Continue reading One Love or Maybe Two