Fresh Chainsaw Home Renovations

===================================================================== Arrival of Spring brings a flurry fresh chainsaw home renovations work to the neighborhood. Walking to the local bank, I first heard then noticed workmen dressed in orange manipulating large gasoline-powered chain saws near the roof of a home. As shown in my picture, a lot of woodchips are flying all over the place … Continue reading Fresh Chainsaw Home Renovations

Fresh Out of the Egg

In response to The Daily Post's weekly photo challenge: "Fresh." ========================================================================================== Just fresh out of the egg, these two ducklings are racing each other in the pond, or rather, the man-made artificial lake. I took this picture a couple years ago early in the Spring while walking around the lake when I spotted four little … Continue reading Fresh Out of the Egg

March 4 Chicken Soup

During this Winter's final cold days our delicious March 4 Chicken Soup ¬†helps ease our transition into glorious Spring just around the corner. Although chicken soup has been a favorite comfort food for many ever since we discovered chickens, and there are thousands, perhaps millions, of recipes or versions of this wonderful broth we think … Continue reading March 4 Chicken Soup

Almond Encrusted Sponge Cake

Our almond encrusted sponge cake is moist with a delicate texture that has a nice spring to it when pressed with your fork. It tastes delicious however it does not overwhelm your taste buds with its sweetness nevertheless, you will want more than one piece. It is lovely with your coffee, tea, or ¬†simply as … Continue reading Almond Encrusted Sponge Cake