New Improved Toronto Formula

===================================================================== The new improved Toronto formula is now available for general consumption and after extensive testing approved because of its ease to satisfy. Yes, folks Trudeau's famous 'dehydrated water' has been reformulated to be better tasting and less filling. After last night's final live testing Trudeau's Liberal party quality board recommended it for consumer use. … Continue reading New Improved Toronto Formula

Sweet Deal Trudeau

================================================================== Folks, sweet deal Trudeau knows what you need that is why you can have the bargain of your lifetime however, limited to one day, October, 19, 2015. And did you know that we except everyone no matter who you are or what you wear heck, wearing a face-mask is fine even if you are … Continue reading Sweet Deal Trudeau

Fools of Trades

=================================================================== The "fools of trades" Liberal party campaign included Justin Trudeau's speech to a local plumbers’ union in Waterloo, Ont., he promised $500-million to the provinces and another $200-million on training for those who can’t get federal government paid training. As for the other $50 million (out of a promised $750-millions), well that needs some … Continue reading Fools of Trades