Simple Dream

====================================================================================================== The simple dream of owning a sophisticated, compact, machining center providing the latest in accurate, high-speed, multi-tool capabilities with intuitive touch functionality control through a trendy, ergonomically comfortable, electronic panel attached to it became true to many visitor company owners. They all attended the recent SME organized 2016 Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show. As my … Continue reading Simple Dream

Ultimate Survival

======================================================================================================= A company's ultimate survival today depends a lot on having the right IT with latest software solutions. This ensures that should something go wrong then operations recovery is almost instantaneous preventing a costly shutdown that would create a real crimp to the bottom line. While attending the recent 2016 SME Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show … Continue reading Ultimate Survival

Pensive Roadrunner

======================================================================================================= A pensive "Roadrunner" meticulously pondered his answer to a very probing question given him by a longtime Canadiens fans at a business lunch during the very recent 2016 annual Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show at the Place Bonaventure Business Convention Centre put on by the SME. Hockey legend, Yvan Serge, "The Roadrunner", Cournoyer, was our … Continue reading Pensive Roadrunner

Advanced Heat Vision

======================================================================================================= Advanced heat vision shown in my photograph, made during the recently concluded 2016 SME Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show, is an example of   "smart technology" progress in this important field. As my image clearly shows, infrared radiation emitted by humans passing by, picked up by a special FLIR camera using integrated, micro-electronic, color high … Continue reading Advanced Heat Vision

Machine Follies

=================================================== The machine follies were in progress when I arrived at the Advanced Manufacturing Canada (Intelligent Machines) trade show put on by the SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) at the Palais des Congress in downtown Montreal last Thursday, November 19, 2015. As things turned out this rather small event concentrated primarily on exhibitors and companies involved … Continue reading Machine Follies

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

My recent walk along Saint Catherine Street provided the "twist" experience for me because these two were just fantastic entertainers engaged in getting some change for their efforts from the thousands of passersby. I had just left an SME industrial equipment exposition at Place Bonaventure and walked from there through Montreal's Central Train Station enjoying … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist