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Musical Slur

Musical slur technique practiced by depicted professionals during last year's annual Montreal International Jazz Festival.

Musical slur is notation indicating piece played must be sung or played smoothly something trained professionals know instinctively.


A musical slur is a notation indicating that the piece played must be sung or played smoothly based on learned technique to relax quickly, something trained professionals know how to do instinctively.

My two images depict slur technique practiced by these trained artists in action during last year’s annual Montreal International Jazz Festival.

The first, a gentleman from Chicoutimi, Quebec, named Israel Proulx accompanied by his rockabilly band plays Jerry Lee Lewis’s famous “Great Balls of Fire”.

The second is a Montreal university jazz band with a young woman singer, playing a mix of hybrid Funk type Big Band music that  interjected with a lot of interesting vocals in between by the young lady.

This music seemed experimental to me in style however, it was unique and new to my ears reminding me of the Artie Johnson doing his skit on the old “Laugh In” TV show, he used to say “Verrry Interestingk!”

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”SLUR”.