Outdoor Silence

========================================================================================================= An outdoor silence pervades in Centennial Park near frozen man-made lake, Canadian winter has set in with its intense cold and snow covering everything except for tall browned grasses and those dark-colored defoliated trees, nothing stirs. In summer, this park is alive with fresh new green vegetation, birds flying, singing, gathering material and building … Continue reading Outdoor Silence

Witness Silence

================================================================================================= Witness silence strictly maintained ensures a serious chess game because nothing disturbs the players making their best moves. I was just strolling inside the mall when I noticed five old men sitting around a table two of them busy playing serious chess and the rest silently eyeballing the moves being careful not to interfere … Continue reading Witness Silence

Endemic Kremlin Silence Syndrome

======================================================================================================= The endemic Kremlin silence syndrome combined with flawed ideology, incompetent ruthless management, and a total lack of real transparency is Russia's government. This is by design because enforced secrecy is how this vast country has been ruled since the 1917 communist revolution then again, come to think of it, forever. The Chernobyl disaster was the undeniable result … Continue reading Endemic Kremlin Silence Syndrome