Parallel Lines Of Sunlight

Parallel lines of bright sunlight that penetrate dark fence boards contrast with layer of winter 2016 snow in backyard appearing a light color blue that result from being in home's shadow. Intense late morning bright sunlight reflecting off layer of white snow in neighboring backyard peers through spaces between wooden fence boards creating this interesting … Continue reading Parallel Lines Of Sunlight

Shadow Of Self

======================================================================================================= Mummified remains are just shadow of self, the delicious yellow-skinned banana that once was, and what neglect and time did to it in an obscure corner of the kitchen's food pantry. Months ago perhaps, late in the Fall, I bought some at the local supermarket, brought home it along with members of its kin, … Continue reading Shadow Of Self


===================================================================================================== The shadow cast by this planet is a very long, thin, one  bringing up the question "what shadow?" by most people, relying on  their mass media sources like radio, TV, and the Internet to clue them  in that this event was actually happening. Just a few days ago, Monday, 2016 May 09, the planet Mercury lined … Continue reading Shadow

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

The down stairway to the famous Rideau Canal in Ottawa has these interesting shadows lurking in the tunnel just below Wellington-Rideau Street. This tunnel underneath Wellington-Rideau Street is situated directly across the street from the famous Fairmont Chateau Laurier Hotel and near the National War Memorial of Canada. I finally discovered this down staircase entrance … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow