Love Expectation

======================================================================= Today, love expectation is high because of Saint Valentine, a Catholic patron saint, martyred¬†for his faith in ancient Rome loving his executioners. On the day he was to die, he gave a note to his jailer-executioner' formerly blind daughter, whom he miraculously restored eyesight to which said a few famous words, "Your Valentine". Saint … Continue reading Love Expectation

Saint Valentine’s Day

===================================================================== Saint Valentine's Day is all about giving candy, red greeting cards, bouquets of flowers, and saying "Happy Saint Valentine's Day!" That is what commerce makes it, after all, it's all about profits made. Most of us don't have a clue what Saint Valentine is really all about because he compares with Santa Claus and … Continue reading Saint Valentine’s Day

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

Love is in the air because today is after all, the treasured Saint Valentine's day. This fact certainly migitates this week's theme influencing many into showing pictures of loved ones or something related to love as their treasure. I could have followed the herd however, our theme is "TREASURE" and instead, because presently the Sochi … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure