Prolific Knick-Knack Collection

Prolific knick-knack collection housed in one kiosk of Saint Michel flea-market contains probably hundreds of assorted baubles, a myriad of different objects most fragile some not. It certainly makes for a very interesting image of a treasure trove of creativity manufactured all over the globe some local although not much. Amongst all are also paintings … Continue reading Prolific Knick-Knack Collection

Brooch Costume

The color black seems appropriate when creating ladies brooch costume like the one shown. Although other colors, like for instance red, probably would work also it just wouldn't have the same effect. The scene is inside the Saint Michel flea-market where I spotted this interesting female manikin decked out with a ton of brooches of … Continue reading Brooch Costume

Not An Inkling

====================================================================== Decades of refreshing himself with America's favorite soft drink Ralph had not an inkling what those active ingredients in that drink were doing to him heck, he was happy having it. Long time employee Ralph was extremely happy working there having excellent salary his union negotiated for members plus enjoying unlimited amount of his … Continue reading Not An Inkling