Prepare Unfurl Sail

================================================================================================= Seen from north shore two-man crew prepare to unfurl second main sail of small sailing craft on Lac Saint Louis, a part the mighty Saint Lawrence River, as the winds pick up blowing across the waves. Judging by the numerous "white caps" all around them it seems their timing is spot on during this … Continue reading Prepare Unfurl Sail

Mostly Perplexed

==================================================================== We were mostly perplexed to see a Seadoo watercraft carrying two people tearing across the rapids in what we assumed was a verboten area of Lake of Two Mountains part of the mighty Saint Lawrence River. While my friend and I were  sitting relaxed in our Cape Cod wooden chairs on the Baie d'Urfe … Continue reading Mostly Perplexed

River Depth

======================================================================================================= Ottawa river depth varies from 12 to 119 meters deep just below the Parliament block according to one chart however, because of various man-made dams, locks, etc water levels average about 58 meters. That bridge which is nearby, most probably crosses a more shallower part of river however, I can only guess. This river … Continue reading River Depth

SewageGate Boss Coderre

===================================================================== Sewagegate Boss Coderre, alias mayor of Montreal, accused the Conservatives of "playing politics" to score cheap points. Coderre took a swipe at the his enemies saying "at the end of the Conservative regime, it's the first time they write a letter and use the word scientific." He insisted that he received scientific advise backing … Continue reading SewageGate Boss Coderre

Lake Saint Louis Whitecaps

===================================================================== These Lake Saint Louis whitecaps are the result of a blustery overcast day during the last week in April 2015. I was visiting someone in Dorval and stopped my car near Lakeshore Road to take a number of pictures of this lake, this is one of them. This lake is actually a large bay … Continue reading Lake Saint Louis Whitecaps