Entertainment Story

  little girl watches Saint Jean Baptiste entertainment story unfold throughout rainy day resting on her father's lap under umbrella. The scene is 2016 during Quebec's Fete National which originally was its patron saint's day until the separatist Parti Québécois made it a secular event in late 1970's. This little girl along with her father … Continue reading Entertainment Story

No Illusion

======================================================================================================= Act is no illusion as white Stetson man and woman partner fearlessly juggle huge, sharp, curved knives between each other while riding rain slicked stage on unicycles during light intermittent rain showers. It was the eve of Saint Jean Baptiste and a light rain was falling intermittently resulting in a low crowd turnout to … Continue reading No Illusion

Bubble Catching Partners

===================================================================================================== These bubble catching partners are so engaged in trying to capture as many bubbles as they possibly can oblivious of what's going around them. The little girl on the left dressed in a medium-dark blue dress is busy making the bubbles with her fancy bubble making wand while her two companions are busy catching … Continue reading Bubble Catching Partners

Saint Jean Baptiste

===================================================================== Tomorrow is Saint Jean Baptiste Day in Quebec now popularly known as La Fête Nationale (National Holiday) because it is more a secular, pagan outing. This annual event has reverted to an orgy of boozing, dancing, reveling in excess ending with a big fireworks display paid for by our taxes. My post is not … Continue reading Saint Jean Baptiste