Kiddie Show Launch

================================================================================================ Kiddie show launch during Saint Jean Baptiste Day celebrations on an outdoor stage in Montreal's West Island filled with cheerful, excited, and happy children watched by their equally excited, happy, parents. Funded by $millions in hard-earned taxpayers money that the Quebec government generously doles out to municipalities to allegedly celebrate province's patron saint, the … Continue reading Kiddie Show Launch

True Believer Grit

========================================================================================================= True believer grit evident on Saint Jean Baptiste Day in mid-afternoon scene during lull in rain as some diehards sit in few rows near stage enjoying great music nobody else would. This year, 2017,  Quebec's patron saint's celebration began as an overcast day with lots of rain drizzle most of the time wetting the … Continue reading True Believer Grit

Folk Grunge Delta

========================================================================================================= Image depicts members of folk grunge musical troupe delta, where sax player and the female singer eye each other ready but awaiting their cue to join in with accordian player. The Nulle Part Nord performed on an outdoor stage last Friday on the eve of the annual Saint Jean Baptiste celebrations in Quebec on … Continue reading Folk Grunge Delta

Children Commit Fun

======================================================================================================= Excited children commit much fun on stage during 2016 Saint Jean Baptiste day celebrations in a borough on Montreal's West Island singing, clapping their hands, and jumping up and down while their very happy parents nearby watch the whole spectacle. As my picture shows these small children are clearly enjoying their experience being up … Continue reading Children Commit Fun