On Scent

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- White hound dog seems on scent trying to nose a fancy ladies' handbag in window display of a popular department store located on western part of busy Saint Catherine street shopping area in downtown Montreal some of which is reflected. This porcelain hound probably could have made it in ballet dancing if it was … Continue reading On Scent

Metallic Grasp

Metallic jaws methodically grasp rubble from old derelict Woolworth department store building located at corner of Saint Catherine street and Saint Laurent(Laurence) boulevard. This scene is from 2017 when this site was swarmed by four mechanical shovels aided by several small quick mobile machines tearing down a derelict old building loading contents into a waiting … Continue reading Metallic Grasp

Layered Goodies

================================================================================================= Tons of layered goodies await passersby at a kiosk on Saint Catherine Street directly across from the famous, huge, old Hudson's Bay store complex. The products sold are mostly products made of Quebec's maple syrup and various souvenirs and trinkets that tourists anc visitors to Montreal would like to buy. The kiosk's actual location … Continue reading Layered Goodies

Alexis Nihon Plaza Corner

================================================================================================= Alexis Nihon Plaza corner situated at the intersection of Saint Catherine Street and Atwater Avenue is part of huge black colored glass and prefab concrete commercial and residential complex located at west end of Montreal. My picture depicts the south-east end however, looking towards the north-east end, or the right side of this image, … Continue reading Alexis Nihon Plaza Corner

Hidden Security Camera

========================================================================================================= Hidden security camera mounted high on a roof ledge hangs over a portion of Saint Catherine Street in Montreal providing video and audio coverage of street below totally unknown to observed. Actually this camera is not really hidden however, since few ever look for it and many others scattered all over the territory it … Continue reading Hidden Security Camera

Savor Halal Food

========================================================================================================= Two Moslem women wearing hijabs place order for "Halal" meals they savor instead of usual restaurant menu offered because their faith prevents eating food considered "haram", not permissible or lawful in traditional Islamic law. The scene is Saint Catherine Street on Friday July 14, 2017 during the local merchants street long sale and these … Continue reading Savor Halal Food

Mommy Who’s Their Tailor?

======================================================================================================== "Mommy who's their tailor?" seems what the little guy in baby carriage is saying to his mother while pointing at tall man-woman busker team, one dressed in an extra long skirt and other in extra long pants with red stripe, playing a violin and a drum set. The scene is on Saint Catherine Street, … Continue reading Mommy Who’s Their Tailor?

Unpredictable Parade

====================================================================================================== This unpredictable parade happened in the evening while I walked along Saint Catherine street heading east towards the Atwater subway station following spending time at the recent 2016 Montreal International Jazz Festival. The exact time of this ethnic parade or demonstration walk headed by a Montreal Police motorcycle escort was probably around 10 PM … Continue reading Unpredictable Parade

West Trainz Autonomy

======================================================================================================= The West Trainz autonomy is synonymous and synchronous with the Montreal International Jazz Festival heck, this annual event wouldn't be the same if they were not free to roam. Each day at 5PM the Trainz troupe of six including the "engineer" driving the rig roll onto Saint Catherine street within festival site playing their … Continue reading West Trainz Autonomy

Graffiti Covered Brick

===================================================================================================== Graffiti covered brick walls are found all over Montreal and are a sign of urban deterioration and society's moral and spiritual decay. This particular collection of "street art" is found a few blocks just east of the old Montreal Forum located at the junction of Atwater boulevard and Saint Catherine street, in a back … Continue reading Graffiti Covered Brick