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Pond Squiggly Reflecting

Breeze skims pond water creates ripples and overhanging lilies cause squiggly reflecting long shadows on sunlit blue surface.

Slight breeze skims pond surface creates ripples while overhanging lilies cause squiggly reflecting shadows on sunlit navy blue water.

A slight breeze skimming over pond surface creates ripples while lilies overhanging it cause squiggly reflecting long dark shadows on navy blue water bathed by bright late afternoon sun.

This scene happened several years ago near a small man-made pond out in the mountains of the Quebec Eastern Townships near the small town of Georgeville where I was visiting.

As it always happens once a lake or pond is created Mother Nature gives a helping hand decorating the fringes of the body of water with a myriad of different grasses and other plants providing locals such as small frogs, snakes, and salamanders a place to hide out waiting for their prey.

It also becomes home for various insects that lay their eggs on or near the water to hatch and fly around perhaps becoming pests to humans meanwhile, also providing a source of food for the frogs, that sometimes end up as dinner for snakes or animals such as raccoons etc.

I took this interesting picture the moment I saw those wonderful shadow patterns melding with the tiny ripples propagating across the pond’s water.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”REFLECTING”.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

Twinkle seen at corner of Crescent Street.

Crescent Street all twinkle during Montreal Jazz Fest 2014.

Twinkle defined as causing a shine with fluctuating light or to shine with a flickering or sparkling light, I believe this picture I took last Summer during Montreal’s Jazz Festival fits that description like a glove.

I was returning home walking West towards the Atwater subway station and had just passed Crescent Street when I snapped this image of the excitement and celebrations going on at some of the local “water holes” or bars that line this famous street. That bar on the corner sporting a British flag seems a very lively place because it is full of patrons, most probably tourists, in for the Fest.

Reflecting, fluctuating light, appears to be everywhere including that twinkle on road surfaces.