Punishment Executed

======================================================================================================= Punishment executed following a court-martial session however, these were not against military personnel instead against ordinary citizens, Quebecers, who rebelled against the order imposed by the imperial British colonial government of the time. Almost buried in time this large obelisk stands alone overlooking a small hillside tucked in corner of the huge Notre Dame-des-Neiges … Continue reading Punishment Executed

River Depth

======================================================================================================= Ottawa river depth varies from 12 to 119 meters deep just below the Parliament block according to one chart however, because of various man-made dams, locks, etc water levels average about 58 meters. That bridge which is nearby, most probably crosses a more shallower part of river however, I can only guess. This river … Continue reading River Depth

St. Catherine Street Charmer

======================================================================================================= The St. Catherine street charmer sat at street corner playing and nobody paid any attention meanwhile, the serpent emerged from case. The king cobra swayed its head rhythmically from side to side because it was enjoying the nice tune while being basked by the intense rays of the warm sun of early afternoon in … Continue reading St. Catherine Street Charmer

Bonhomme Excitement

======================================================================================================= Bonhomme excitement is apparent in this photo taken a few years ago on Saint Catherine Street in downtown Montreal during the annual Santa Claus Parade. It was a rather chilly morning that Saturday however, this did not dampen the spirits of thousands of Montrealers and visitors composing the long lines along the route. I … Continue reading Bonhomme Excitement

Deficits Final Solution

=================================================================== The Deficits Final Solution translates as austerity and deficit financing by the new federal Liberal Trudeau government complimenting those of Canada's Liberal provinces like Quebec, Ontario, PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and British Columbia. Austerity and deficit financing are the new norms used to get things done and as usual health care and education … Continue reading Deficits Final Solution

Explosif Issue

=================================================================== The explosif issue is whether the metal container was emptied by terrorists for contents or by project site workmen. Everyday we hear of some sort of terrorist event that happens somewhere on the globe and because Quebec had its moment when bombs were going off almost daily we worry seeing this image. During the … Continue reading Explosif Issue

Saint Jean Baptiste

===================================================================== Tomorrow is Saint Jean Baptiste Day in Quebec now popularly known as La Fête Nationale (National Holiday) because it is more a secular, pagan outing. This annual event has reverted to an orgy of boozing, dancing, reveling in excess ending with a big fireworks display paid for by our taxes. My post is not … Continue reading Saint Jean Baptiste

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

This little girl driving a little pink car on main street is a juxtaposition action as it ever could be. Both in front and back of her are "tons" of vintage vehicules of all sorts moving very slowly and she is stuck right in the thick of this traffic. I snapped this interesting picture last … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition