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One-Way Trip

One-way trip riding on steel wire while attached in harness during Montreal en Lumiere winter festival.

One-way trip attached in harness over Montreal’s Quartier-des- Spectacles attached in a harness rolling east along one inch thick braided stainless steel wire.

One-way trip over Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles attached in a harness rolling east along a one inch thick braided stainless steel wire from one platform to another.

It was a bright sunny but really cold morning with very few people outdoors on the Quartier festival site when I took this picture of this woman riding the famous “Zip Line” overhead.

The scene is downtown in February, 2015 over Saint Catherine Street during the Montreal en Lumiere winter festival and this young women is enjoying some real excitement speeding on some rollers along the taunt steel wire heading from a high platform located near Bleury Street towards another lower platform near Saint Urbain street.

All participants are dressed in safety gear which includes a protective hard hat and special harness attached to rollers sitting on the stretched braided wire additionally, they also should have they own warm winter gear to keep while doing this trip otherwise, they become  frozen popsicles.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”ONE-WAY”

Montreal Total Circus Escadrille


The Montreal Total Circus “escadrille” or “flying squad” (Montreal Completement Cirque) duo was just beginning their exciting trapeze act when I happened upon them that beautiful Thursday, July, 2015 afternoon.
I had come to enjoy the Montreal Jazz Festival that was going in downtown centering on the area known as ‘Quartier des spectacles’ adjacent to Place des Arts. This is an area bounded by Saint Lawrence boulevard on the east, de Maisonneuve boulevard on the north and Rene Levesque boulevard on the south, and Park avenue on the west side.

I was a gorgeous, warm, sunny with a bit of cloud, breezy day and while I waited for the next Jazz music act to happen this circus trapeze act right in the middle of it all caught my attention. I immediately put my tiny Panasonic digital video camera into action hoping to record it well.

While recording, I decided to try various new techniques to capture the two young acrobats, these you may notice when viewing the finished product. Since this circus act was done outdoors it reminds us how it was in the good old days when the famous circus troupes operated, my brief black and white intro attempts to morph yesteryear to the present time. Enjoy the show folks!

Wheeling Hard


Wheeling hard with her huge wheel the buskeress entertained multitudes of excited tourists in for the Montreal Jazz Fest.

This talented woman certainly got their attention rolling around the Place des Festivals-Quartier des Spectacles last week as my simple video depicts however, she was just one of a troupe of hired buskers providing a distraction between the various jazz music acts

Another buskeress one that our ‘wheelies girl’ tagged up with was the one dressed in bright red juggling both balls and hats although not at the same time.

During the Jazz festival other paid buskers of all sorts did they acts to entertain the crowds meanwhile, still others, free lancers, those
occupying most street corners along Saint Catherine street provided mostly music.

There were the those doing regular stuff like rock and roll, blues, jazz, or a melange of all, and there was also a sprinkling of ethnic like French Quebecois or even Indian.

Not to be left out, there were also the panhandlers standing almost mute, some ragged looking from poverty, with their hand, hat or cup out for your generous donation.