Techno Noise

Techno noise fills air near the small Loto-Quebec during stage during annual Montreal Just-for-Laughs Festival while mixed group perform. Around the stage a small crowd of mostly international tourists and some locals either stand or sit on the huge steps of front entrance to Place-des-Arts building. This festival like the Montreal International Jazz Festival happened … Continue reading Techno Noise

One-Way Trip

========================================================================================================= One-way trip over Montreal's Quartier des Spectacles attached in a harness rolling east along a one inch thick braided stainless steel wire from one platform to another. It was a bright sunny but really cold morning with very few people outdoors on the Quartier festival site when I took this picture of this woman … Continue reading One-Way Trip

Montreal Total Circus Escadrille

======================================================================== The Montreal Total Circus "escadrille" or "flying squad" (Montreal Completement Cirque) duo was just beginning their exciting trapeze act when I happened upon them that beautiful Thursday, July, 2015 afternoon. I had come to enjoy the Montreal Jazz Festival that was going in downtown centering on the area known as 'Quartier des spectacles' adjacent to Place des … Continue reading Montreal Total Circus Escadrille

Wheeling Hard

=============================================== Wheeling hard with her huge wheel the buskeress entertained multitudes of excited tourists in for the Montreal Jazz Fest. This talented woman certainly got their attention rolling around the Place des Festivals-Quartier des Spectacles last week as my simple video depicts however, she was just one of a troupe of hired buskers providing a … Continue reading Wheeling Hard