2018 Montreal Jazz Fest Finale

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Saturday July 7th, was the 2018 Montreal International Jazz Festival finale after ten beautiful sunny mostly hot days featuring loads of wonderful music which everybody who came enjoyed. With temperatures soaring near 100 degrees Fahrenheit with no let up until last Wednesday relief came in an overnight rain storm and cooler air breezes making … Continue reading 2018 Montreal Jazz Fest Finale

Scary Acrobatics Moxie

========================================================================================================= Scary acrobatics moxie keeps outdoor show by man-woman buskers team under control while hundreds of eyes remain trained on them while they perform during recent 2017 annual Montreal International Jazz Festival. These circus grade professionals did their combination juggling and dangerous acrobatics act flawlessly while being admired by a large gathering of locals and … Continue reading Scary Acrobatics Moxie

Mommy Who’s Their Tailor?

======================================================================================================== "Mommy who's their tailor?" seems what the little guy in baby carriage is saying to his mother while pointing at tall man-woman busker team, one dressed in an extra long skirt and other in extra long pants with red stripe, playing a violin and a drum set. The scene is on Saint Catherine Street, … Continue reading Mommy Who’s Their Tailor?

Woman Ball Water Fountain Caper

========================================================================================================= The woman in ball in water fountain caper happened in the Quartier-des-Spectacles Thursday July 6, 2017 during the 2017 Montreal International Jazz Festival and children loved it. While nobody was expecting it a woman busker inside a huge clear plastic ball rolled in and onto the water fountain area where numerous young children enjoying … Continue reading Woman Ball Water Fountain Caper

Tongue Tip Quill

========================================================================================================= Busker tongue tip balances a large quill in front of a large, very appreciative audience of locals and many international visitors in town last Thursday for the annual Montreal Jazz Festival. The very professional man-woman buskers team skilled in circus work preformed their juggling and acrobatics act flawlessly outdoors sometimes risking the woman's life … Continue reading Tongue Tip Quill