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2015 Wrap

2015 Wrap


Our 2015 wrap or  memoriam, begins with WP weekly photo challenge  post “Sign“, which meshed with the winter season happening  outside.  The image depicted set the stage  for the meat grinder 2015 later turned out to be.

Before, January ended our readers enjoyed another favorite WP  weekly photo challenge post, “Angular“, doubling their appetite for even more.

Next came, “Refraction“, which really excited nature lovers with a great picture of mallard ducks paddling away and their images reflecting off still lake water during Fall 2014.

In February, our “Symmetry” post spiked great response and it was quickly followed by our “Scale” post, where our little hitchhiker  really awed by our readers.

The ‘ides of March’ brought  “Wall”  giving our graffiti lovers goosebumps and their praise in their excitement after seeing some of Montreal’s street art.  March also brought us “Fresh out of Egg” thrilling our nature lovers again.

Technology got its blogosphere raves in April with “Drone Afloat” showing what is possible when we want it bad enough.

Architecture and urban planning lovers enjoyed “Enveloped Sky” showing Montreal’s evolving downtown. May did not forget nature lovers with “Tiny Forces of Nature” featuring that tiny little flower emerging almost out of solid concrete.

June, brought us  back to Montreal in “Amused By Jazz“,  and it also reminded us about our beautiful world in “Off-Season View“, featuring Quebec’s Lake Memphremagog in the Eastern Townships.

July’s “Chained Door” informed readers of famed Montreal Children’s Hospital closing and moving to new better quarters. “Symbol of Totalitarianism”  followed and almost caused heart failures for some of our international readers checking it out for their states’ intelligence services.

August is always a great time to visit places and “Today Was A Good Day In Ottawa” showed a wonderful time doing just that in the nation’s capital. It was also a time to acknowledge a growing tragedy in our midst. “Canadian Homeless“,  explains how we can help change things if we really care to.

September excited many architecture lovers with “Propped Grid” and it also gave us all a chuckle with “Monochromatic Couple Beer“. We also reviewed some pertinent Canadian political history in “Just Watch Me 2“.

October, with Canadian 2015 federal elections looming, reminded readers some more recent history in “Wing And A Prayer“. Important Canadian history figured also in “Women Are Persons“, reminding us about how women’s rights happened.

November was  Montreal’s mayor, Denis Coderre’s ‘SewageGate’ environmental fiasco in “Proofed Liberal Environmental Climatology“.

Ornate Heritage” brought in December 2015 showing us again Ottawa’s fabulous Parliament Hill architectural gems. Our love for intelligence gathering  gave us “Eye Spy Cat” where Mooshie is our chief investigator. Investigations call for some munchies and “Rabotnik Muffins Treat” satisfied our hunger.

Montreal’s recent Jazz Fest reminded us of all the color, music, and  international tourists with “Tri-Couleur Gathering“.

We make it a wrap acknowledging our responsibility to care for each other and in particular our aged, sick, infirm, crippled, and those suffering natural disasters or wars. Our innocent victim  shows us the reality he faces everyday in “Mykolka’s Now“.


After Hard Work It’s Time For 2016

After hard work it’s time for 2016 now that winter has come to stay for the next while.

Just last week, we were basking in +17 degrees Centigrade and some were even playing on the golf
courses while others were starting to wear shorts and short sleeve t-shirts all this changed over last weekend.

Traditionally, Liberals when they are trying to get elected, promise to move mountains and pave our
streets with gold afterwards, they expect us to forget their promises and just meekly pay an exponentially increased tax bill.

Montreal mayor Denis Coderre, famous for the 8 billion litre “Sewagegate dump” into the Saint
Lawrence river, with his city council passed a law last year forcing all municipalities on the island of
Montreal to coordinate their efforts in a collective front against the forces of mother nature or face hefty economic sanctions.

These past few days have shown what a load of blarney that collective effort has been, again citizens
heard the same time-tested excuses from Montreal city hall as we have in the past and with the same results. The only change  seen is that our taxes have increased even more, to be  redistributed to a new collective of swindlers.

There is another group however, that does its job efficiently regardless the severity of the weather all through our long winters, these are the private snow clearing companies working out mostly in the West Island, this little video is about them in action.

After their hard work these folks also deserve  to celebrate New Year’s Eve rewarded  with goodies  it
offers. By-the-way, HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody, may it be a happy, healthy, and prosperous

Merry Christmas 2015

A very merry 2015 Christmas to all my blog visitors.

A very merry Christmas to everyone who visited my blog in 2015 especially my growing group of followers.

A very Merry Christmas 2015 to everyone who visited my blog this year and especially those who became followers.

It has been an exciting year in the WP blogosphere and a lot was accomplished ensuring for an even better 2016. I look forward to creating more great posts and exploring even more of those produced by my fellow WP bloggers on a myriad of interesting topics embellished by their excellent pictures, graphics, slides or videos.

Again, I want to wish everyone the most joyous Christmas tomorrow!

Bonhomme Excitement

Bonhomme excitement apparent in photo of parade with jovial Quebec mascot Bonhomme Carnaval.

Bonhomme excitement is apparent in photo taken on Saint Catherine Street during Montreal Santa Claus Parade.

Bonhomme excitement is apparent in this photo taken a few years ago on Saint Catherine Street in downtown Montreal during the annual Santa Claus Parade.

It was a rather chilly morning that Saturday however, this did not dampen the spirits of thousands of Montrealers and visitors composing the long lines along the route. I snapped this image as the float carrying the jovial Quebec mascot was passing by, hope you like it.

Each year Quebec has a Winter Carnival that is world famous and the Bonhomme Carnaval is the huge snowman celebrity ambassador and undisputed master of his winter wonderland kingdom in Quebec City. He does after all, have the keys to that city during the duration of the festivities given him by its real mayor. Bonhomme is a real celebrity recognized by over 90% of Quebecers and many Canadians and visitors from across the world.

The Carnaval is a multi-day festival during most of the month of February featuring Bonhomme, his entourage of young Quebec beauties, parades, snow sculptures, ice castles, and outdoor sports drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Despite the cold folks hoot loudly all the while taking in as much of the exciting things that happen all the time.

Some of course will strengthen their resolve by imbibing a bit drinking traditional potent “Caribou” an interesting mix of brandy, vodka, sherry and port which conveniently will come out from their Carnaval plastic canes.

Our hero, Bonhomme is a marketing creation dating to 1954 to spread “joie de vivre” during this festive time. He is a symbol of Québec City and Québécois society. His frost inspired pink cheeks, floppy red hat and sash dates back to the 19th century and the time of Les Patriotes.

Proofed Liberal Environmental Climatology

Proofed Liberal Environmental Climatologist Denis Coderre understands pollution and global warming.

Proofed Liberal Environmental Climatology expert Denis Coderre shows he knows all about global warming and pollution.

Proofed Liberal Environmental Climatology man Denis Coderre understands pollution and global warming my picture is “a proof is a proof” of that and only Jean Chretien could explain it better.

Montreal mayor Denis Coderre along with Quebec premier Philippe Couillard are going to the Paris Climate Conference joining Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau and his entourage to help save us all from that nasty climate change.

They are doing this because they care about us all, fellow travellers on this globe. They claim that however, their recent actions that made world headlines seems to say otherwise.

Global warming reduction is the theme for their expensive high-class junket the Canadian taxpayer is funding. It is interesting however, that all these international ‘fatcat’ political participants will arrive via their jetliners streaming long plumes of dirty exhaust into our atmosphere to the Charles de Gaulle Airport.

When they arrive they will then be transported to the fancy hotels and afterwards the conference by big gas-guzzling Mercedes limos, all except Barak Obama who will come in his own monster, armored ‘beast’ GM limo. Meanwhile, their world ‘news media’ will also arrive by car adding even more ‘greenhouse’ gas fumes into the air.

According to the environmentalists global warming in last half of the 20th century doubled because humans burned fossil fuels such as
coal, oil, and natural gas which generated carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. This complimented by land use changes requiring
deforestation to convert land for agriculture. Then the climatologists claim that farms, which have animals produce even more greenhouse gases (farts).

We must also add on those huge projects like the James Bay Hydro Project that drowned vast forests leading to their decomposition releasing still even more greenhouse gases.

This however, doesn’t end our collective guilt because here in Canada the extraction of oil from Alberta tar sands is considered a mortal sin by the UN and the climatologists. Let’s not even mention the huge forest fires that happen during some summers.

Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone have risen substantially as a result of human activity. Called ‘greenhouse’ because these gases form a sort of atmospheric blanket that prevents the ‘natural’ heat loss from Earth into outer space instead multiplying the surface temperature on our planet.

According to the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change our climate is changing rapidly. They claim this based on information from a massive database of journal papers and texts summarized every few years by a busy group of climate scientists.

This of course, is supposed to be factual and beyond reproach, honest work by a select group of world climatologists there is however, some dispute about their summation, that things are not as they claim.

A report back in 2010, delivered by a certain US Senator James Inhofe (R-OK)* claimed that certain leaked emails from some of these world’s preeminent climate scientists proves that climate change is a total scam.

Those stolen emails showed much disagreement amongst  the climatologists regarding absolute proof that climate change actually exists.  ‘Climategate’ as this whole thing was called, resembled a 1930’s Soviet ‘show’ trial, where the facts were predetermined, and ideology trumped any technical and scientific truth.

Nothing much has changed since because today, the same bunch along with their buddies, the world political ruling class, those attending that Paris Conference, are again trying their best to confuse and convince the public that we are all in mortal danger.

According to them, the only way we can be spared certain drowning, burning to death, or suffocating is to ‘cap and trade’ our emissions and accept the massive ‘carbon tax’ debt meekly.

We must bend over and assume our position while the UN will use our money to help those poor ‘underdeveloped’ countries like for example, China and India, cleanup their pollution insuring “sustainable development” complying with agreed upon Agenda 21 standards.

Our hard-earned tax money will fund the cleanup over the next 30 years for China and India while they manufacture products for the likes of Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us, Home Depot, Office Depot, Mercedes, Volkswagen, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Bombardier..our various ‘dollar’ stores etc.

*James Inhofe authored “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future”

Virtual Reality & Machine Intelligence


Virtual reality & machine intelligence shown at the recent Montreal high technology trade show put on by the Society of Automotive Engineers.

This video depicts some of the exhibits and advanced technology that the recent trade show at the Palais des Congress in Montreal. It follows and compliments my earlier video from last post, the one with the performing robots, hope you like it.

Machine Follies


The machine follies were in progress when I arrived at the Advanced Manufacturing Canada (Intelligent Machines) trade
show put on by the SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) at the Palais des Congress in downtown Montreal last Thursday, November 19, 2015.

As things turned out this rather small event concentrated primarily on exhibitors and companies involved with robotics and 3D printing. There was also some exhibitors providing financial services, government help of all sorts for small businesses and startups, custom three D design software companies, laser cutting and etching-marking, and schools providing high-tech courses related to robotics, 3D printing and design.

Although this was a small show it nevertheless had a healthy contingent of well-known big high-tech companies showing
their wares. I was interested in 3D printing and certainly learned a lot about the advances and limits of this expanding technology from
several exhibitors’ engineering staff involved in this show.

As my tiny video shows, robots are into much of what is manufactured today and they are getting more and more intelligent.  Advances in micro-electronics and custom software has fuelled greater advances in robots and their AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities

There were many more robots showing off however, I only digitally taped this bit for this blog post hope you enjoy it.

Canadian Because 2015

Canadian because it's 2015 is Justin Trudeau's witty response in heated discussion.

‘Canadian because it’s 2015’ Justin Trudeau’s witty response to former Conservative PM Stephen Harper.

Canadian because it’s 2015 is Justin Trudeau’s witty response in heated discussion with then PM Stephen Harper during a pre-election debate.

Well actually, the response sentence was “a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian..” and the “2015” was another quip on another hot topic. That “2015” remark hailed by the media as the example of how intelligent Justin is and how it quickly put down Harper, something like old man Trudeau’s specials to Conservative leaders Stanfield and Clark.

The big question being asked today is if Paris (terror carnage) happens to Canada after we accept 25,000 not totally vetted Syrian ‘refugees’ will our wonderful starry-eyed Prime Minister say “A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian” as part of his apology hmm..I don’t think that would wash.

Apparently, Justin already gave his cabinet ministers their “mandate letters” marching orders however, contrary to what his voters believe his letters are full of cautious legalese, urging his ministers to “consult” and “develop plans” and “establish committees” before doing much of anything. This is typical, standard, Liberal phraseology or code talk his predecessors including his daddy used because it allows plenty of room for corruption to start..oh wait, that’s already started.

One mandate letter, in the pledge to amend Conservatives’ C-51 security bill, instructs Ralph Goodale, public safety minister, to “introduce new legislation that strengthens accountability with respect to national security and better balances collective security with rights and freedoms.” Now that certainly is a clear enough and transparent instruction that anybody can understand hmm?

Then there is that tiny matter about those Syrian ‘immigrants, or is that ‘refugees’ and immigration minister John McCallum’s new mandate informs him the “Cabinet” commits to ‘quick and substantial help’ for refugees but gives few details. We all remember that this is the new Liberal government not those evil Conservatives and their secrecy however, can we claim that no secrecy exists here hmm?

Also, one leading immigration lawyer, Lee Cohen, says ‘this is not the time to dither’ on these refugees, and Syrian refugees need to live in cities, not lodges A.S.A.P heck, folks there is absolutely no pressure being exerted here, just saying!

Justin..oops, “Cabinet” also directs him to fully restore refugee health care, the cancellation of which had been a rallying point for refugee advocates. This mandate letter also tells him to establish an “expert human rights panel”, a favorite liberal/leftist mechanism that always fills a multitude of pockets full from the public trough.

McCallum is also instructed to follow-up on that promise to boost import of their parents and grandparents however, more funding is not mentioned for processing the increased number of applications, or to pay health-care expenses. Then again, we all know who will take care of that hmm?

Another, leading media endorsed, savvy immigration ‘expert’ Showler suggests that a mere $100 million budgeted for resettlement is NOT ENOUGH perhaps, our generous taxpayers can give $500 millions instead heck, that would be better. Interesting that although the Liberals promised to inject $100 million this minor detail is not mentioned in McCallum’s letter.

Then again, the Liberals are staffing up with Kathleen Wynne’s backroom shysters both levels of Liberal government use the same playbook therefore, it is not surprising.

Kathleen Wynne’s gang, Liberal-connected consultants and advertising agencies, sponged $2.1-million in taxpayers’ money over the past two years.

For example, polling and market research firm, Gandalf Group run by David Herle, Ms. Wynne’s chief strategist in the 2014 election campaign and who also works for Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau gobbled up (received) $1,102,529.

What’s in store for the next four years for Canadians is a smiling, waving, ‘wise cracking’, occupant of 24 Sussex..oops, not yet heck, that’s another $10 millions??? for the taxpayers to pay.

Justin will continue with selfies and his handler metered media darling appearances and interviews telling his followers-voters what they want to hear, in their simple minds he can do no wrong. Interesting, this seems to mirror Barack Hussein Obama’s modus operandi.

Following Liberal tradition, Trudeau offered France ‘as much assistance as possible’ meaning he is offering to bring their terrorists here, apologize to them and offer them compensation for “hurt feelings”.

Important Trudeau Government Secret Revealed

The important Trudeau government secret revealed is Liberal promises are like putting lipstick on a pig.

The important Trudeau government secret revealed is what most Canadians already know a month after the elections.

The important Trudeau government secret revealed today by Pigathia Lee*, new Liberal minister without portfolio and women’s other issues, is you can put lipstick on this pig and it’s still a pig.

This reinforces what most Canadians already know a month after the October 19, 2015 federal elections regarding Justin Trudeau’s election promises.

The corrupt practices of past Liberal regimes are happening again although it is till too early to say anything about it because after all, Justin Trudeau is the media’s darling and he can’t possibly do anything wrong even if it is in your face obvious. Then again, he is on his political ‘honeymoon’ having been freshly thrusted into absolute power.

As expected Bill Morneau, Trudeau’s minister of finance, has discovered based on the report from the Parliamentary Budget Office(PBO) that the previous Conservative government’s surplus of $$1.2 Billion was not factual. The government now has to somehow make up for this shortfall, Canadian taxpayers are now expected to make up this shortfall by being taxed even more than promised.

This comes on top of the cancelling or modification of a family tax relief and a generous saving plan the previous government put in place for Canadians before being voted out.

Already, liberal PM Trudeau has travelled across to Europe at taxpayers’ dime to attend an ‘important’ economic conference and so has his new minister of the environment, Catherine McKenna for one on the environmental greenhouse gases reduction.

Seems that she will adopt the Conservatives’ ‘national target’ level as the ‘benchmark’ regarding cutting greenhouse gas emissions Canadians expect more taxing to come soon. Ontario’s Kathleen Wynne Liberal government sets the pattern for Justin regarding how far to go sponging the taxpayers.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch..err, back in Montreal, Liberal mayor Denis Coderre, has flushed over eight billion liters of the city’s
raw sewage into the Saint Lawrence river today after getting the blessing from Ms McKenna. She however, put her foot down setting conditions for this dumping, the city must carefully monitor the dumping, taking water samples, and report back if God forbid, something should go wrong.

Yes, folks you’re in good hands with the Liberals because they don’t do things in secret like those other guys..well not yet heh, heh, heh!


  • “Miss Piggy”

Remember November 11

Remember November 11 because your freedom assured by Canadian veterans.

Remember November 11 because you can, your freedom assured by our Canadian veterans.

Remember November 11 because you can, your freedom to do so assured through the bravery of our Canadian veterans. They sacrificed their own lives to give you this privilege.

Those who died went willingly into battle so Canada remained a ‘free’ country today, others, the silent casualties of war, lingered on suffering for it in veterans hospitals or even at home.

“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” – John Diefenbaker, former Conservative PM, WWI veteran, distinguished QC lawyer, and champion of the Canadian Bill of Rights.

Let us remember them and not just on November 11 but always for their heroism those many years ago. Also remember our new veterans who sacrificed in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Cyprus, and the Golan Heights as peacekeepers.

“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them…

As the stars that shall be bright when we are dust,
Moving in marches upon the heavenly plain,
As the stars that are starry in the time of our darkness,
To the end, to the end, they remain.” – Robert Laurence Binyon