Popular legend

========================================================================================================= Ever since secret project was abruptly terminated during Diefenbaker era a popular legend evolved regarding Canada's position in today's advanced military jet aircraft. Armchair experts insist that the Diefenbaker Conservative government set Canadian aerospace back allowing others primarily the USA to benefit from all the very expensive research already done as well as from … Continue reading Popular legend

More Depth

The Superbowl is now history, many sports fans desiring more depth for their entertainment don't have to look far for their adrenalin rush because salvation is as close as their own municipal park. In the depth of our harsh Winter there is a lot of fun available┬áto anybody that wants to enjoy themselves on a … Continue reading More Depth

Showtime MtlJazz 2014

Popular Photo Challenge"Converge" showed the empty stage, Showtime MtlJazz 2014(Montreal Jazz Fest 2014) presents the entertainment that went on that day. International jazz fans converged to listen to that wonderful New Jersey band meanwhile, three other stages had acts happening. My short picture video gives you an idea of the excitement and the crowds attending … Continue reading Showtime MtlJazz 2014