Disrupt Tranquility

Should you ever want to disrupt your normal afternoon tranquility during July just visit Place Heineken when these guys (brass band) are performing. Actually, these local musicians were pretty damn good putting on a great musical performance during the annual Montreal International Jazz Festival a few years ago. Of course, if you are tired from … Continue reading Disrupt Tranquility

Music Fan Gratitude

Music fan gratitude obvious for Israel Proulx, Quebec's darling musical prodigy, after  performing American Rock n' Roll icon Jerry Lee Lewis's classic "Great Balls of Fire". ===================================================================================================== Music fan gratitude is obvious for Israel Proulx, Quebec's darling musical prodigy, after his performing American rock and roll icon Jerry Lee Lewis's classic "Great Balls of Fire", … Continue reading Music Fan Gratitude

Memory Cheat

================================================================================================ His memory was not going to cheat excited London Souls Jazz fan seen capturing it all with digital camera at the Place Heineken beer tent. Human memory is wonderful however, it tends to fail us usually at very critical times that is why capturing and storing a copy of what we experience visually using … Continue reading Memory Cheat

Playing Brass Slowly

======================================================================================================== Playing brass slowly the Montreal Dixie Band playing inside the Heineken Music Tent(Place Heineken) excitedly thrilled the 2016 Montreal International Jazz Festival audience with wonderfully mellow music. As my video shows the audience excitedly thrilled to hear what they had to offer clapping and cheering at intervals showing their appreciation for this professional cadre … Continue reading Playing Brass Slowly