Thin Wall Plastic

  Thin wall plastic 3D printer products line sky-blue color polyester cloth-covered table of Proto3000 booth during 2018 Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show (MMTS) at Place Bonaventure last week. The annual MMTS is Quebec's leading manufacturing event where manufacturing companies and supplies both local as well as international show their latest technology wares as exhibits. Each … Continue reading Thin Wall Plastic

Watch Core

  Magnified watch core inner mechanism image appears large on computer screen next to high-tech German produced Leica brand special digital high-tech comparator-microscope at Opti-Tech booth during MMTS at Place Bonaventure. The Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show (MMTS) which runs from May 14 through to May 16, 2018 is an annual event organized and put on … Continue reading Watch Core

Basic G-Code Understanding

===================================================================================================== Basic G-code understanding is very important for expensive sophisticated numerical-controlled manufacturing machinery and a simplified control panel is a wonderful feature to have. Pictured is one of the new style digital control panels employing a simplified graphical interface that this visitor finds quite impressive. It also impressed me a lot when I saw it … Continue reading Basic G-Code Understanding

Pensive Roadrunner

======================================================================================================= A pensive "Roadrunner" meticulously pondered his answer to a very probing question given him by a longtime Canadiens fans at a business lunch during the very recent 2016 annual Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show at the Place Bonaventure Business Convention Centre put on by the SME. Hockey legend, Yvan Serge, "The Roadrunner", Cournoyer, was our … Continue reading Pensive Roadrunner

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

My recent walk along Saint Catherine Street provided the "twist" experience for me because these two were just fantastic entertainers engaged in getting some change for their efforts from the thousands of passersby. I had just left an SME industrial equipment exposition at Place Bonaventure and walked from there through Montreal's Central Train Station enjoying … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist