Rideau Cottage Follies

Rideau Cottage Follies

After countless scandals since being elected as PM, Justin Trudeau continues with his corrupt ways creating even more controversy wasting hard earned Canadian taxpayer’s money to satisfy his behind-the-scenes puppetmasters. His latest is secretly wasting even more money while elected MPs are awaiting when Parliament is to reopen again. He and his cronies know doing … Continue reading Rideau Cottage Follies

Glass Boundary

In response to The Daily Post's weekly photo challenge: "Boundaries." =================================================================== A Ottawa store window glass boundary appears almost invisible except for the reflection of nearby office towers. I took this picture during my last recent trip to the nation's capital while wandering around nearby Parliament and this display caught my fancy. I never entered … Continue reading Glass Boundary

Women Are Free Persons

===================================================================== October is women are free persons month commemorating the Canadian Valiant Five's awesome victory. The famous Edwards versus Canada case, also known as the Persons Case, began on October 19, 1927, it ultimately decided that women were eligible to sit in the Canadian Senate. This famous Canadian constitutional case that had to have a … Continue reading Women Are Free Persons

Today was a good day in Ottawa

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Today Was a Good Day." ======================================================================= Today was a good day in Ottawa, a wonderful day to visit Parliament and the Canadian Aeronautical and Canada War museums. Saturday, August 22, 2015, was just a perfect, warm, sunny, day with a sprinkling of cumulus clouds to cut the sun's … Continue reading Today was a good day in Ottawa

Career Politician

============================================== A Career Politician is somebody interested in political power promising citizens anything to win it. Once they have their membership in government secured they continue providing a façade designed to convince their electorate that they are doing everything to keep their promises. Of course not all of them just the ones that they judge … Continue reading Career Politician

Nelson Unpickled

===================================================================== In Ottawa, Admiral Horatio Nelson unpickled heads a line of international figures all who somehow played a role in Canadian history. Visitors to Canada's capital can find these a very short distance from Parliament, the nation's War Memorial, and the Fairmont Chateau Laurier Hotel. "England expects that every man will do his duty." - … Continue reading Nelson Unpickled

Rock Solid Personality

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Leftovers Sandwich." When I last visited Canada's Parliament buildings, I discovered this "rock solid personality" in fact, I discovered many more adhering to them. This sculpted minature head adorned one of the many corners projecting from the main structure of Parliament and few people even realize they there … Continue reading Rock Solid Personality

Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

Angular defines as "having one or more angles or forming an angle or sharp cornered..", I think this picture taken while I last visited our nation's capitol, Ottawa early last year qualifies. This greenish, tempered glass and metal building situated not very far from Parliament caught my eye instantly compelling me to capture its image. … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

My adventure began on a cool overcast Wednesday morning when our luxury coach bus arrived to pick a bunch of us up at a local large shopping center parking lot.. We had prepared for the event for some time now and today, July 9, 2014, we were going to Ottawa for a "news conference" in … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

Ottawa is full of relics of Canada's historical past and one, the Rideau Canal, took a very important part in this country's development. Recently, after attending a conference at the Chateau Laurier Hotel just a stone's throw from Canada's Parliament complex, I discovered a part of the Rideau Canal system. I had just left the … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic