It’s Better In The Bahamas

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "It's better in the Bahamas" beamed out the radio message just recently inviting all who had the time and money looking for a "place in the sun" to visit,  and for many Americans, Canadians, and Europeans it was a dream location. Now called "one of the greatest national crises in our country's history" Dorian … Continue reading It’s Better In The Bahamas

Suddenly A White Contrail

Suddenly a white contrail appears overhead a few minutes after sundown in the frigid late autumn sky. The scene is a shopping center parking lot in Montreal's West Island near highway 40 as I glanced up at the quickly darkening cloudless sky noticing what looks like telltale sign of an incoming missile or "strike first" … Continue reading Suddenly A White Contrail

Panic Syndrome

================================================================================================== Panic Syndrome, a Hollywood movies mashup, depicts panic, a human emotion that occurs during moments of extreme stress unleashing a sudden terror defying all reason. Panic Syndrome includes a number of different reasons/scenarios that cause average ordinary citizens that sudden overpowering fright. Panic is contagious in large gatherings of people, who suddenly are overcome … Continue reading Panic Syndrome