Incredible Reach

================================================================================================= Incredible reach with Star Trek (beam me up)transporter and a "cloaking device" would have helped secretly sample this assembled chocolate mother load just waiting to be eaten. That is what I needed last Wednesday in Ottawa to secretly taste this assembled mother load of chocolate goodies resting in those trays alas the technology for … Continue reading Incredible Reach

Murderous Fun

================================================================================================= Murderous fun happens in Ottawa, after word on the street that Eddie "The Shark" Delivista got whacked and gang war is a possibility. Delivista, also known by the local wise guys as the "Codfather" is 'sleeping with the fishes' tonight, the family is very upset and plans a large funeral. They are inviting all … Continue reading Murderous Fun

Crispy Soft Flaky Surface

================================================================================================= The crispy soft flaky surface is light to medium brown with discernible, almost sweet butterlike taste that crumbles and collapses when light teeth pressure is applied afterwards, there is a sweet taste of cooked fruit of the subsurface or inside of the triangular pastry module. These "Linzer Tarts" or what some would call apple, … Continue reading Crispy Soft Flaky Surface

Maybe Roasted Grenadiers

================================================================================================== These maybe roasted grenadiers guarding the governor-general of Canada residence in Ottawa on Sussex Drive, were the second pair rotated from their posts when I happened to pass by on my way to Parliament Hill. Moments earlier the two earlier grenadiers were relieved..boy were they happy about this, by these two guys in a … Continue reading Maybe Roasted Grenadiers

River Depth

======================================================================================================= Ottawa river depth varies from 12 to 119 meters deep just below the Parliament block according to one chart however, because of various man-made dams, locks, etc water levels average about 58 meters. That bridge which is nearby, most probably crosses a more shallower part of river however, I can only guess. This river … Continue reading River Depth

Fast Food Feast

======================================================================================================= These international tourists feast on fast food from Ottawa street corner vendor just a block from Parliament. As my picture shows this corner is very popular with international tourists who surrounded the food wagon anxiously awaiting their turn to take part in the feeding frenzy already going on. Those juicy Lester's all-beef hot dogs … Continue reading Fast Food Feast

Ornate Heritage

====================================================================================================== Canada's ornate heritage buildings populate the grounds of Ottawa's Parliament Hill as these three images show. My recent trips to Canada's capital allowed me again to familiarize myself with our country's rich history depicted symbolically in the ornate work shown in my pictures. All this past summer I have tried to take part in … Continue reading Ornate Heritage

Public Trough Stampede

===================================================================== The public trough stampede was in full progress as Trudeau Liberals worked hard shoving each other aside hoping to get the best spot to feed. The few grizzled old veterans, having been there before, already staked out their best place at the trough heck, they were happy as pigs get another opportunity to … Continue reading Public Trough Stampede

Glass Boundary

In response to The Daily Post's weekly photo challenge: "Boundaries." =================================================================== A Ottawa store window glass boundary appears almost invisible except for the reflection of nearby office towers. I took this picture during my last recent trip to the nation's capital while wandering around nearby Parliament and this display caught my fancy. I never entered … Continue reading Glass Boundary

Women Are Free Persons

===================================================================== October is women are free persons month commemorating the Canadian Valiant Five's awesome victory. The famous Edwards versus Canada case, also known as the Persons Case, began on October 19, 1927, it ultimately decided that women were eligible to sit in the Canadian Senate. This famous Canadian constitutional case that had to have a … Continue reading Women Are Free Persons