Vampire Ball In Bowl

======================================================================================================= The vampire ball in bowl sat there almost surrounded, facing, three mirror panes in front of it and true to its nature, there was no reflection of it given by the mirrors. Just then I recalled those Hollywood's Hammer Production  vampire movies with actors, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, that the undead gave no reflection when … Continue reading Vampire Ball In Bowl

3rd Cybercat-Martian War

======================================================================================================= The 3rd Cybercat-Martian War started innocently enough when Mooshie, grand pooba of the Cyberfeline Empire asked Orb, ruler of Mars for katnipium, a mineral substance plentiful on Mars and Orb refused to sell any. When Mooshie's peaceful Cybercat representatives failed again after trying to negotiate a deal and then were ruffed up by Orb's … Continue reading 3rd Cybercat-Martian War