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Public Trough Stampede

The public trough stampede had Trudeau Liberals shoving each other aside to get the best spot.

The public trough stampede in full progress had Trudeau Liberals shoving each other aside to get the best spot.

The public trough stampede was in full progress as Trudeau Liberals worked hard shoving each other aside hoping to get the best spot to feed.

The few grizzled old veterans, having been there before, already staked out their best place at the trough heck, they were happy as pigs in…to get another opportunity to get their fill, be part of the promised change.

Sounds of joy filled the air as each got their chance to experience it, some for the first time. Fortunately, there was plenty to be  had because the Conservatives had left it full having achieved a balanced budget with a modest surplus before their defeat.

Now that the Trudeauites had arrived in Ottawa, they felt real smug knowing that the Canadian public trough was theirs for at least four years. That however, seemed a long time before they would have to battle again to keep the privilege. Then again, by then the trough might be empty if they worked real hard at it leaving nothing for their successors..hmm, now that’s a great idea!

Highschool Runners

Highschool runners in Spring training.

Highschool runners in Spring training to get into top shape.

Young female highschool runners in Spring training to get into shape. I photographed this group doing their workout in the field which also doubles as a soccer and football playing area situated next to their highschool. This particular school belongs to the local French-speaking school board in the West Island part of Montreal.

I was passing by one day a few years ago, walking along the sidewalk that skirts around the fenced off grounds, when I spotted this troupe of enthusiastic girls busy running around the field doing their physical training. Realizing that I had an opportunity for an interesting picture, I took a place, where I could zoom in and try to catch them in their run. I hoped for a good shot and this image is my award.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

Peace Tower and its clock architecturally relate to each other.



Dialogue or conversation with another is as old as mankind certainly here on Earth perhaps, going back to the Garden of Eden, when the Almighty created everything. As we all know an exchange between God and humans was followed by another of counter opinions by the serpent and the humans and the rest is history.

A recent bus trip to Ottawa provided me an opportunity to capture these images which show a different type of dialogue, one of architecture. Here parts are brought together and speak as a marvel of Canadian architectural history and also of Canadian heritage. The Peace Tower is the focal point in Ottawa with its giant Gothic style mechanical clocks that adorn it creating a unique dialogue. The Tower just would not be the same without its clocks and they would be just several large, old, out-of-fashion, mechanical clocks without a purpose.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

Hydro power tower girders contrasted against a grey sky.

Power tower girders contrast against an overcast grey sky.

The dark behemoths of galvanized steel stood there contrasted against the light grey sky.

That afternoon, as I walked out of the town city hall complex, which also houses the municipal library I passed directly under hanging high tension wires overhead of the huge electrical power towers.

I had done this countless times without paying much attention to them however, this time it was different because I had brought my new digital camera with me. These towers are massive and populate a stretch of “no-man’s land” straddled between mostly residential housing or as in this case, between the city hall complex and Centennial Park adjacent the complex.

It was perfect weather for photography because it was overcast which provides a neutral light. What first caught my eye, were the large glass insulator roundels hanging from the side of the tower, so I just snapped a picture of that. Looking around I then captured an image of a triple transformer assembly that looked interesting. Afterwards, I decided to seek more photo opportunities at the nearby park so I headed there before heading home.