Suddenly A White Contrail

Suddenly a white contrail appears overhead a few minutes after sundown in the frigid late autumn sky. The scene is a shopping center parking lot in Montreal's West Island near highway 40 as I glanced up at the quickly darkening cloudless sky noticing what looks like telltale sign of an incoming missile or "strike first" … Continue reading Suddenly A White Contrail

Scorched Earth

================================================================================================== Even before Barak Hussein Obama could fade safely into comfort and obscurity the USA became scorched earth when arch-enemy Vladimir Putin's Russia launched a sneak nuclear attack following up on his threat much earlier. It had been a terse, nerve wrecking presidential campaign the likes of which there never was where Obama's choice, his … Continue reading Scorched Earth

Carry On Regardless

================================================================================================= To carry on regardless of the final outcome is something we hate placed on our shoulders however, sometimes life situations force us to do what we must do. My video mashup combines Hollywood virtual world with the real, and it also shows a possible future humans have faced since that first nuclear blast at … Continue reading Carry On Regardless

Terminative Struggle

====================================================================== A terminative struggle happens when an advanced killing machine arrives from the future seeking out Sarah Connor,  saviour of our human race after the horrific nuclear war happening in the year 2040. This video is  a mashup of the original "Terminator" movie starring Arnold Schwarznegger dealing with a very scary future where humans are hunted … Continue reading Terminative Struggle