Happy Earth Day 2020

=================================================================== The sky is dark with them as they move over the area devouring everything that is green meanwhile, in our enlightened, civilized, industrialized, world everyone is celebrating, Happy Earth Day 2020. CoVid19 ironically allows us taking a break from saving our planet from the dreaded climate change. In Africa and other parts of our … Continue reading Happy Earth Day 2020

Delta Fly Nightmare

====================================================================================================== Delta fly (deer fly) nightmare happening out in countryside solved by clever and easy method while multitude of costly commercial solutions fail. Pictured is the nightmare for these persistent pests that seem to increase when the weather outside appears to favor rain as was the case this weekend. These nasty bugs are a health … Continue reading Delta Fly Nightmare

No Candy Just Cash Please

===================================================================== No candy just cash please, were Liberals cried the little trick or treaters at your front door on Halloween night, your worst nightmare has begun! It was the a bunch of local kids in the neighborhood, faces everybody already was familiar with and their tricks however, there was that new kid on the block. … Continue reading No Candy Just Cash Please