Strike Three

=================================================================== Ever since it was invented America's most favorite fans sport is still probably baseball, and everybody knows that it's strike three when the umpire yells "yer out!" after a batter swings and fails hitting the ball after three attempts. During the earlier part of the twentieth century during WW2, Imperial Japan, launched a sneak … Continue reading Strike Three

Batman Sings Country

==================================================================== Tone deaf Batman sings some country, a popular song, and plays his guitar for Robin while the dynamic duo prepare for their daily workout before going out on their nightly anti-crime patrol in Gotham City, today also known by many as New York City. Although Bruce Wayne is excellent in his role as the … Continue reading Batman Sings Country

Monster Storm Easy Fix

Government authorities and weather experts say there is no easy fix to it cautioning Northeast residents not to lulled by appearances and relatively smooth Monday morning commute. Meteorologists working for the National Weather Service forecast that the nor'easter will bring a mix of powerful winds, heavy snow, and sleet turning into freezing rain which promises … Continue reading Monster Storm Easy Fix