Reds War Council

==================================================================== The reds war council seemed in full swing, their leader, carefully hidden from view within the scrum or gathering, giving final instructions for their blitz. The soccer game had been in progress for some time when I happened upon the scene while walking through the park and this seemed to be some sort of … Continue reading Reds War Council

More Depth

The Superbowl is now history, many sports fans desiring more depth for their entertainment don't have to look far for their adrenalin rush because salvation is as close as their own municipal park. In the depth of our harsh Winter there is a lot of fun available┬áto anybody that wants to enjoy themselves on a … Continue reading More Depth

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

My "dreamy" photo which I took while strolling through our large municipal park and just happened upon this Peewee baseball game these young boys were having. It reminds me of the fun I used to have when I was their age and played baseball with all my little neighborhood friends. We of course, lacked those … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy