Montreal Total Circus Escadrille

======================================================================== The Montreal Total Circus Escadrille or "flying squad" (Montreal Completement Cirque) duo was just beginning their exciting trapeze act when I happened upon them that beautiful Thursday, July, 2015 afternoon. I had come to enjoy the Montreal Jazz Festival that was going in downtown centering on the area known as Quartier-des-Spectacles adjacent to Place-des-Arts. This is … Continue reading Montreal Total Circus Escadrille

Terminator Dawn Band

================================================================== Terminator Dawn Band plays incessant, rhythmic, heavy metallic penetrating sound destroying human minds creating an alternate, alien world. That constant pounding and throbbing momentarily interrupted by the mechanical roar of engines of war moving along with flashes of intense light created by lasers complimented by the sound of human bones being crushed into dust. … Continue reading Terminator Dawn Band

Crimson Soaked Toga

=================================================================== Stabbed 23 times in the frenzied mêlée, Caesar valiantly pulled his crimson soaked toga over his face with his right hand. His strength was gone now a dark fog was quickly enveloping his sight and he felt cold. Julius Caesar murdered as a result of a conspiracy by as many as 60 men Roman … Continue reading Crimson Soaked Toga


In response to The Daily Post's weekly photo challenge: "Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?." =============================================================================================== Looking South the old Hudson's Bay store bathed an orange tinge varying from a kind of brown to breakfast orange you most likely see in a small glass each morning. This photo taken some time ago at night when … Continue reading Orange

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

Fraying ends of some sort of tall weeds surrounding a snail desperately hanging on one of their stalks creates this interesting scene. I was returning home from a nice walk through our town's park when I spotted this light green colored snail hanging for its dear life as gusts of wind of an approaching storm … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray