Saint Louis Low Tide

  An idyllic scene from famous Stewart Hall shore in Pte. Claire overlooking Lake Saint Louis during what seems low tide as warm summer sun warms everything on a bright, clear blue sky day. This was the scene last Friday, June 22, 2018 when we visited this Canadian heritage landmark site in Montreal's West Island, … Continue reading Saint Louis Low Tide

Elaborate On

  Potential customer in brown leather jacket and partner stop and ask business exhibitor at West Island Health and Wellness Exhibition to elaborate on benefits of her special product or service. The scene was a busy one at main floor exhibition hall at the Holiday Inn in Pte. Claire in the West Island where all … Continue reading Elaborate On

Weeds Infect lawn

  Multitudes of different weeds primarily dandelions infect lawn near Sources boulevard in Montreal's West Island as May temperatures rise and traditional rains contribute to humidity prevalent during this time. Native to Europe this perennial arrived with early settlers who used them both for food and herbal medicine purposes and just like that proverbial Genie … Continue reading Weeds Infect lawn

Partake In Child Play

Some parents hold sides of huge, billowing, multi-color plastic sheet watching youngsters partake in child play while other parents and children watch. The scene is 2016 out in Montreal's West Island on a partly cloudy day during Quebec's Fete Nationale aka Saint Jean Baptiste Day provincial holiday and many parents are enjoying a work day … Continue reading Partake In Child Play