Twisted Letters and Things

Twisted letters and many other interesting street art (graffiti) things are depicted on building wall of small side street cornering Saint Catherine street east in Montreal. A smorgasborg of different images make up this very colorful mural including a blond "princess", "Deathmobile" hot rod sporting "blower" on its hood, burning "Death Head" banner over its … Continue reading Twisted Letters and Things

Skewed Upwards

Modern Montreal high-rise hotel building seems skewed upwards when viewed from bottom in order to incorporate as much as possible of it's height in my picture. The scene is on Rene Levesque boulevard south side just slightly east of Bleury street diagonally across from Complex Desjardins, next to rue Jeanne-Mance. It is situated in an … Continue reading Skewed Upwards

Watch Core

  Magnified watch core inner mechanism image appears large on computer screen next to high-tech German produced Leica brand special digital high-tech comparator-microscope at Opti-Tech booth during MMTS at Place Bonaventure. The Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show (MMTS) which runs from May 14 through to May 16, 2018 is an annual event organized and put on … Continue reading Watch Core

Place In The World

One place in the world that encompasses old and new Montreal is Mansfield street that runs north(-south) towards looming Mount Royal, visible at end of street, passing old Sun-Life Building and combination of more modern and old structures along the way. I love this area because it is Montreal's business, financial, and commercial center full … Continue reading Place In The World

Unlikely Sight

  It's very unlikely to sight an American WW2 fighter, scaled down size, buzzing over racks and racks of clothing inside an army surplus store on Saint Laurent boulevard near Saint Catherine street yet this picture is proof. The authentic looking warplane is real enough although a little photo-editing in removing overhead chains and high-strength … Continue reading Unlikely Sight

Myriad Of Lines

    Mary Queen Of The World Cathedral's huge rotunda inner wall decoration composed of a myriad of all sorts of lines in this massive Catholic church replicating Saint Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. The rotunda contains a large circle of Roman style ornate windows which act as an important light source to the surroundings … Continue reading Myriad Of Lines

Playing Glimmer Of Hope

Montreal busker playing his guitar with glimmer of hope passerby donates some money after hearing the wonderful riff. The scene is on Saint Catherine street west in Spring of 2015 where talented, young busker hopes to get some "coin" from passersby like this one. I had just left an industrial machinery exhibition in Place Bonaventure, … Continue reading Playing Glimmer Of Hope